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Helicopters fly somewhat close to the ground. They fly near the troposphere. They fly at a lower altitude than planes.

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Q: What is the average altitude a helicopter may fly at?
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Why can't rescue helicopters fly in low air pressure?

I've never heard that. However, helicopters are limited to the altitude that they can hover, which would limit a Rescue helicopter from picking up a stranded mountain climber. In the high altitude, the air is "thinner" which means the air pressure is less. This limits the effiency of the rotor blades. However, usually the first indication of a problem is when a helicopter tries to hover at high altitude and the tail rotor looses it thurst and the helicopter goes into an uncontrolled spin. This was common with the Bell Model 206B. Even though a helicopter may be limited to the altitude at which it can hover, that does not mean it can't fly at that altitude. If a helicopter maintains a high forward air speed, it can still fly over mountains; its only when it stops and hovers that it may have problems.

An airplane specifically designed to fly at high altitude may have?

an added tank

How do airplanes change altitude?

One of the main reasons is to conserve fuel. Airplanes can fly at any altitude and speed. However, airplanes generally tend to fly at high altitude to conserve fuel. This makes the plane more efficient and keeps the operating cost down. Of course, an airplane can not always fly at max altitude at every flight. It may have too much weight or the distance it travels may be too short. So there is always a trade-off as to how they will fly the route.

Can you fly gyroplane in and out of city?

Answer A gyroplane has no great restrictions than an airplane or helicopter. Large cities wil have areas and altitude restrictions that limit any aircraft from flying. Some areas are limited to helicopters. The wording may allow gyroplanes but you would have to check.

How many hours can an helicopter fly?

There are many different helicopters. Most small civilian helicopters may fly for about an hour, but large passenger or military helicopters can fly for 6 hours or more.

How can aircraft fly without and engine?

an engine-less aircraft is more likely to glide than fly. It may gain altitude by riding on updrafts though.

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It is still there, at the owner's house, if you leave. You may have to fly the helicopter to the Mews house and back to regain the jeep.

What is the Average salary for a Helicopter pilot?

Depending on the type of job, helicopter pilots, on average, can make anywhere between $45,000 and $90,000. Some jobs may make even less while some jobs have the potential of paying far more as helicopter pilots can do so many different things.

Does a sac fly count in batting average?

No. A sacrifice fly does not count in batting average. It is as if the at bat never occured although you will get credit for any runs batted in that may have resulted from the sacrifice fly.

Can an engineer can buy a helicopter?

Anyone may buy a helicopter providing they have the funds.

What altitude to airplanes fly?

They usually fly in the stratosphere. That is from 25,000 feet to 40,000 feet. This may differ from palne to plane. A plane like Cessna flies very close to the ground at about 9000 feet.

Why do helicopters fly so slow?

What is the limiting factor for helicopter speed you ask? What happens to the rotor as the velocity of the helicopter increases? The relative speed of the tips of the rotors changes because of the wind speed. On the advancing side of the rotor the speed increases by the speed of the helicopter. On the retreating side of the rotor the speed decreases by the speed of the rotor. One of two things happens as the helicopter reaches a high speed: A: If it is a large rotor, the advancing blade will reach the sound barrier and sap energy from the rotor, slowing it. Significant damage may occur to the helicopter. B: If it is a smaller rotor, the retreating blade will slow to the point where stall occurs, and the helicopter will be forced into a turn while losing altitude and decreasing speed, then it will usually recover if altitude permits. Option B can be mitigated by increasing rotor RPM at higher speeds. In this case the rotor speed becomes the limiting factor, as the centrifugal forces at the root of the blade are quite incredible. Carter

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