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You sound confused. A college class is usually worth 3 credits because you take the class for 3 hours a week. If you take 5 classes a semester, you are taking 15 credit hours that semester, which means that every week of that semester, you will have to go to class for 15 hours.

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Q: What is the average amount of college classes you must attend per credit?
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Did Marilyn Monroe go to college?

Unequivocally NO. she did not attend college classes.

Can you attend classes without your ged or can you attend classes and get your ged?

Many colleges will allow you to take college preparatory classes while earning your GED there.

What Grades are required to attend college?

What does your grade point average have to be to attend college

What is the minimum age to attend college in the US?

I guess for most it is 18, but if you are truly gifted maybe a few years before that.In CA high school students can go to college classes. I have had them in the college classes that I have taught. They are still in high school, but they can attend some classes at a college.

Why do college teachers not care for the students?

It is not possible to care of you without you attend the college classes.

How many hours per week do you attend college classes?

depends on what college you go to. ask your college proffessor.

Where could I attend auxiliary nurse training in the Houston area?

You can take classes at Coleman College for Health Sciences. You can also attend classes at the University of Texas.

Did Maria tallchief go to college?

No she did not. Maria didnt attend college because she joined ballet classes.

Can you attend Spelman College to become a pediatrician?

I want to know, what college classes are required at spelaman college to become a pediatrician

Do you have to pay for classes at college?

Yes, you do. The cost is per unit and grad programs are more. State university and college is cheaper than private colleges. You also have to pay for textbooks and other supplies you need for classes. The average cost of a year of college today is about 5,000.00, but of course that can be more depending on the university/college you attend.

What nurse has the least amount to college to attend?

2 years.

What classes do you have to attend to become an artist?

You have take an art class to become an artist for college

What college did Marilyn Monroe attend?

She attended classes in literature and art at UCLA in 1951

To become a DVM do you have to attend another vet college first?

No, but you do have to attend a four-year college of some sort to complete the pre-requisite classes before applying to vet school.

What classes need to be completed to attend college?

Matters what you're taking in college. Many require Math 30.Math31(Calculus) is required for only a few classes (mainly engineering)

What is the average needed to attend campion college?

97 and up

How many years of college do you need to become a cosmetologists?

Cosmetologists attend community college. They generally attend for two years. If they have previous college credits, they can reduce the amount of time they are in school.

Why do advance placement classes in high school?

Advance placement classes give you a head start once you attend College. If you test well enough on the exit exam it counts as college credit.

Should I take community classes?

Community college classes are great for someone who is undecided on a major. You can get a lot of your general education requirements out of the way if you are planning on attending a 4 year college in the future. Be sure that whatever 4 year college you do plan to attend accepts the classes you are taking at the community college.

What does it take to get your associate's degree?

in order to obtain an associates degree, you'd have to attend a community college, or attend a school which offers associate degree classes.

Can you take college classes in high school?

Yes, some high schools offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are college level classes taught in the high school. Others have programs where the student leaves the school at times to attend classes at a nearby university or community college.

What are some classes that you need to take in college to become a gynecologist?

You need to decide whatmedical college you want to attend, and ask for a degree plan which will list the classes you need to take for your degree. Good Luck

What options are available when picking out classes at college in terms of flexibility?

When picking out classes at college, you need to be sure that you will actually be able to attend them. For this reason, there is an option between full-time and part-time courses.

What school must you attend to go to Veterinary School?

In the United States it doesn't particularly matter which undergraduate college you attend to complete your pre-requisite classes.

How was Helen Keller able to attend classes in college?

she was able to because she had already learned by Anne Sullivan and so she could show and do what she learned in her college.

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