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NBA player salaries are the highest in American pro sports. The average NBA player salary is hefty 5.15 million dollars.


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What is the average salary for the nba basketball stars?

What is the average pay for basketball players in mexico

There is not a beginning salary for basketball players. The average salary for a person playing professional basketball is about $3,500,000 a year.

The average salary for a basketball player is 5.15 million dollars. The average salary for a football player is 14 million dollars.

The average salary of a professional basketball player is around 5.5 million dollars. This is two million more than baseball players make.

The average salary for all National Basketball Asscosiation players is 5.15 million dollars

Basketball players get paid based on their skill and the quality of their team. However, the average salary for a basketball player is 1.15 euros, or 3 million American dollars.

NBA players earn much more. The average NBA salary is 5.2 million, while NFL players' average salary is 1.75 million.

American pro basketball players have the highest average salary in American professional sports. Their average salary is 5.15 million dollars per year.

The average salary of a German basketball player is 2 million. European players make much less as a general rule than their American counterparts.

The average salary for basketball player in Netherlands depends on how many years they have been in the league. Good players make $10 million to $15 million per year,

The average salary for a Mexican league basketball player is around $5,000 a month. This is quite low in comparison to American players, but considering the minimum wage in Mexico is $5 a day it is actually a high salary.

The salary for NBA players vary depending on who it is.

The salary will be beyond $100000 just for the regular players. The more popular players can get over millions of dollars. I know this because my cousin plays overseas

In the Philippines, how money basketball players make depends upon age and experience. The average monthly salary is 350,000,000 Philippine Peso.

A teachers salary can't be compared to NBA players salary.

The average salary is 10 million.

The average salary for a basketball player in Germany is, in U.S. dollars, $2 Million.

It would definitely have to be football, but some basketball players individually make more.

Basketball players do not get food money, they have a salary. The use their own money

BBL player salary about £1500 a week for top players. This figure is only for matches and they can earn more by doing work with the league.

the average salary is a bout 3,000,000 dollars

Australian pro basketball players make about $175,000 Australian dollars per year. This is the average salary but it varies depending with experience level and the team one plays for.

The average salary for a professional volleyball player is $69,000.

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