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This would be hard to determine because it depends on how many stitches, and where the stitches are on your body.

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What is the average cost for four stitches on finger in ER?

What is the average cost for seven stitches on finger in ER?

What does a hospital stay cost on average?

whats the average cost of a hospital stay in ICU?

How much does 15 stitches cost on the ring finger Without insurance.?

Having 15 stitches on the ring finger can be costly. Each hospital will charge a different amount. If a person does not have insurance, the hospital will work with them on the bill.

What is the cost of childbirth in a hospital?

Average: $7500 for a newborn

What is the average cost for liposuction on the hips?

The average cost for the doctor per area is $2500.00 The hospital room is on average $1000.00 and the anesthesia on average is $1000.00

What is the average hospital cost to treat a heart attack?

The cost of treating a heart attack in a hospital varies greatly across the United States. On average, the cost ranges around 21,000 dollars to about 100,000 dollars.

Average cost of hospital stay in Richmond Virginia?


Cost of a day in hospital?

Most conservative estimates would place the average cost of a day in the hospital anywhere from $250-$500 a day.

What is the average cost for cat eye removal?

The average cost for a cat to have an eye removed can be quoted by the animal hospital. The cost depends on the care needed to remove the eye, the location of the animal hospital, and the experience of the vet doing the operation.

What is the average cost of a hospital bill without insurance?

What is the diagnoses.goiter

What is the average cost for liposuction surgery?

The average cost for liposuction surgery vary from location to location and country to country. One should ask their local hospital or clinic to determine the average cost in their area.

What is the average daily cost of hospital stay?

It varies by diagnosis and level of care.

Average range of cost at Max hospital?

Rs. 0 Only. :P

How is the average much cost for 1 day in the hospital?

it depends what kind of illness you have

How much wouldgetting stitches cost without insurance?

About $800 for four stitches in New Hampshire...

What is the average cost for a night in an australian hospital?

If you become suddenly ill you may need a stay in hospital for further investigations. In Australia a one night stay in hospital would cost you around USD $1,308.

What is the average cost of spending one day in a hospital in California?

Hospital bills in California vary wildly depending on what type of treatment is administered. Medical tests, lab fees, doctor assessments and medications administered all affect the cost of the stay. The cost also varies from hospital to hospital.

What the average cost of an MRI of the lumbar spine in Indian money?

In Bangalore: St. Johns Hospital - 6500/- Apollo Hospital - 11000/-

How much does a liver biopsy cost?

The cost of a liver biopsy will vary depending on the doctor and hospital. The average cost can be anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500.

What does a gastric bypass cost?

The average cost of gastric bypass surgery is $25,000. Cost can vary depending on the procedure and how long your hospital stay is.

What applies to a method containing hospital cost that is based on average cost for treatment of a patient condition?

Diagnostically related groups

Shoulder joint replacement cost?

Shoulder joint replacement cost varies from one hospital to another. On average, this will cost about $10,000 depending on other cost implications.

What is the average cost of a night in a hospital?

Depending on the actual services that you are receiving from the hospital, it could go up to as much as between 3-5 thousand dollars. The cost would include the nursing care, medications, diagnostic tests, food, and other related costs like that. For a typical week you may be looking at a minimum of 50,000 dollars plus depending on the services that you're utilizing.

What is the average cost of a hospital stay in the US?

go to and my answer this there.

What is the cost of artificial heart transplant in Philippines?

The cost of an artificial heart transplant in the Philippines will vary depending on the hospital and case. On\ average, it will cost around $250,000.

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