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42" ($600 to $1,000)

46" ($1,000 to $1,300)

50" ($1,200 -$1,800

54" ($1,600 to $2,400

58"($1,800 to $2,900

60" ($1,800 to $4,000

63" ($2,400 to$4,000

65" ($2,700 to $5,000

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Q: What is the average cost of a plasma TV?
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What is the average cost of a plasma television?

It depends on the size of the plasma TV you would like to buy. A forty two inch plasma Television can cost youabout 400 dollars and a bigger one could cost up to a thousand or two thousand dollars.

How much does an average cost HD projector cost?

Average HD projectors are currently comparable in price to most LCD or plasma televisions.

What is the average cost of plasma televisions?

The average cost of a plasma TV depends on the size. Smaller models (42" - 46") can start at $600 and go up to $1,300. Larger plasmas (65") can start at $2,700 and go and go as high as $5,000.

How much does a average Hitachi plasma television cost?

The average price for a Hitachi plasma television is around $200. This price can be much lower or much higher depending on many factors like what the seller wants for it and where one purchases the television.

What is the cost for an HD Plasma TV in 32 inch?

The price of a thirty-two inch HD Plasma Television will vary from maker to maker and supplier to supplier. The average cost will run the consumer between two hundred and four hundred USD.

How much does a plasma screen TV cost?

Plasma screens currently start at about $500.00

What did the first plasma TV cost?


What does a plasma television cost compared to a LCD television?

When plasma televisions were new to the market, their cost was quite a deal more than their LCD counterparts, but these days, as they become more commonplace, their cost discrepancy is dropping. It's not hard to find plasma screens at low prices.

How much does a plasma screen tv cost online?


Can you buy just the LCD screen part of a plasma television?

Plasma TV's don't have LCD screens. They're plasma screens and they usually will cost more than the TV itself.

How much energy does a Plasma wide screen TV use?

an average plasma screen tv usesas much as a small heater

How much did a TV cost in 1999?

42 inch plasma

What is the cost of a plasma tv?

Plasma tvs will vary by brand and size, but will typically cost you something in the range of $600 for one that is around 42 inches. Many of the brands fall within this price range.

How much did a 46 inch plasma television cost in 2003?


How much weight can the average plasma TV stand handle?

The amount a plasma TV stand can hold depends on the type you pick. Some can handle an average 42" to 72" television whereas others can only handle a 22" television.

How large is the average plasma tv cabinet?

The average is usually 32'', but there is tv cabinet sizes for all sizes of plasma televisions. More common places to have a tv is to a wall mount or just a base, so any size tv can fit.

How much does a 37 inch plasma TV cost?

A 37" plasma TV can cost anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars. The pricing is dependant on the features your looking for such as web conectivity as well as indivdual sales and rebate pomotions.

How much is a Panasonic plasma television?

Depends a lot on the size and type you want. obviously, the larger the tv, the more it will cost. Also, if you want plasma or LED instead of LCD or someting basic, the cost will go up.

Which TV is better, plasma or LCD?

It is going to depend upon what is important to you to decide which is better between a plasma TV and an LCD TV. Cost, availability and features will be the deciding factors.

What is a typical price for a corner plasma tv stand?

The price of a corner plasma tv stand depends on the size of the plasma television set. Because the plasma television set is usually large as in a large screen television set, the cost of the stand can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is suggest that a search be accomplished using furnishing catalogs to compare prices of the plasma tv stand.

What did a Television cost in 1983?

A television set cost about $100 in 1983. Today the average cost of a television is $435. The average size of a television is 32 inches.

How much does a Panasonic plasma screen TV cost?

A Panasonic plasma screen TV can cost as little as £350 or $400. They come in sizes larger than the old cathode ray tube televisions and are often 42 inches or larger.

How much do plasma screen TVs cost?

only 600. depends on what kind...

What is the average price of a 50 inches diagonal plasma TV?

The average price of a 50 inches diagonal plasma TV is $1199.99. This particular one has a Wifi capability and a thin frame. This product is manufactured by LG electronics.

How much does a TV cost in 2011?

for a plasma probably about $2000 but for a regular TV probably $200