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Out of personal experience it cost me about $2000.

Cost of Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled

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  • I would say it is probably about 2000 dollars. Or more possibly. And just a side note, it won't be too much more to have the 4th one taken out at the same time, if you have it. And it will be much better for you in the long run.
  • It could be a lot less than that if you had the right plan and I am not talking insurance. I am talking a discount card that cost less than insurance and save you more money than no insurance at all.
  • My doctor charged 460 per tooth for extraction and 260 for IV sedation.
  • Having four wisdom teeth pulled will cost 2133.00 at the place I am having it done. I will also have general anesthesia.
  • I got my wisdom teeth pulled in Brazil while I was there as it was much cheaper. I paid $600 for pulling my four wisdom teeth.
  • To have all four of mine, plus IV sedation, and gas, it was $1100CA. It would have been $50 cheaper if I had it done in a hospital, but being in a hospital would mean total sedation and I'd loose all my piercings. Price really depends on experience and qualifications.
  • I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth yesterday. I have absolutely no pain at all. I am taking penicillin and ibuprofen, but I have not experienced pain yet. To take out all four of my wisdom teeth, it cost $295 for all 4 because we have insurance. It's a good thing we have insurance or else it would of cost over $1200. (Don't listen to what your friends say, because it does not hurt. For best results, be put to sleep because you do not feel a thing).
  • I didn't pay a thing to have mine out, I've looked after the computers for my dentist for years. You don't need any sort of general sedation, only local. I just had to find my "happy place" while they were being pulled, it only took a few minutes each. Believe it or not but in my experience it hurts more while having a filling.
  • My girlfriend just got 2 (bottom) wisdom teeth pulled today, in Medellin Colombia. It cost 300,000 COP (about $125). She had the top 2 pulled a few months back, and it was cheaper (they came out easy). For about $400 round trip from Miami, $200 to have teeth pulled, you still have quite a bit left over for a vacation, hotels, etc. to enjoy Another Country.
  • I would recommend carefully considering the need for sedation, which our Marin, California dentist was trying to "sell" us at around $500! My kid had three teeth that were not impacted and one that was slightly. We refused the sell job on the sedation and my son said the procedure was nothing to worry about. It took 20 minutes and we saved a lot. I'm also pretty sure that sedation is not covered by many insurance companies. It is probably because it is not necessary. Let's face it, if you have impacted teeth and are going to be sitting there with your mouth open for an hour or more, then maybe sedation is the way to go. If not, don't be sold on something that is not necessary. I was shocked at the line of BS we were given to try and get us to go for the $500 pop. Unethical in my opinion.

my son needs his out. for 4 teeth $1900.00

i just got all 4 of mine taken out today with IV total sedation. it cost me 424.60 but i think insurance took care of most of the price

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Q: What is the average cost of having 3 wisdom teeth pulled if you have to be put to sleep to have it done?
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How do you sleep after wisdom teeth have been pulled?

you dont

Do you have to be put to sleep when getting wisdom teeth pulled out?

Most wisdom teeth are pulled out with local anesthesia. Rare cases of very afraid people has been put asleep.

Should you go to sleep when having wisdom teeth pulled?

No - answering as a patient here. If your awake the Dentist has to be careful about what they do (which is still rough - wisdom teeth are firmly attached to the rest of you). If your out, they can work hard and fast to finish the job. Good Luck!

What is the average cost of having 3 wisdom teeth pulled if you have to be put to sleep to have it don?

im not sure about having you put to sleep but each tooth can be about 1900 for extrction. i had insurance coverage for my 4 extractions but I still had to pay 20% of the whole total which was about 381 per tooth, almost 1600 for all 4. good luck on your removal- it's not a pleasant one!

How in the world can you cure numbness after getting wisdom teeth pulled out?

I find the fastest way is just to sleep it off.

i have a wisdom tooth that hurts so bad that i cant sleep i need it pulled?

Kennerly Dental Group,Inc

What can you do to relieve some of the pain from a wisdom tooth infection?

when i had them pulled out, i used alot of numbing cream at sleep but i couldn't talk in the morning for like and hour...

Can you sleep after a wisdom tooth extraction?

only if you want

How do you know when you can go to bed after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

When you're tired. Follow the directions of your dentist. Most recommend keeping your head elevated while sleeping. Use multiple pillows, or sleep in a recliner.

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How long can you sleep sideways after wisdom teeth removal?

As long as you want to.

You are having all of your teeth pulled is there a lot of pain?

well if your having them all pulled out at once, it wouldn't actually hurt as the dentist would numb your mouth. or put you to sleep for that amount of dental work being done. The pain comes from getting food stuck in the holes left over, and waiting for them to heal. i know, personal experience.

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I have to get my tooth pulled out but not my wisdom teeth it's a perminent tooth stuck in my gum would they put me to sleep?

It is not necessary to be asleep even for your wisdom teeth extractions, but if you're asking if they will because you WANT to be asleep then you simply have to ask your dentist. You should be able to find a dentist around you that is offering sleep dentistry, though it really is unnecessary and will be much more costly. It probably would not take more than 5 minutes if it isn't a molar.

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Does having your wisdom teeth pulled out hurt?

Yes it does hurt afterwards because most of the time they are impacted and they have to cut them out. But iv sedation is the best way to go and if you find a good oral surgeon they will hook you up with pain killers for afterwards Well most times you're put to sleep.. so you feel nothing until you wake up and then of course it will hurt while it heals

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Do you go to sleep while wisdom tooth is taken out?

Generally a wisdom tooth extraction is done under Local anaesthesia, in which case you do not go to sleep during the procedure. But there are instances when general anaesthesia may be given and in such cases you wouldn't know what is going on.

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Can you be put to sleep when you get your baby teeth pulled?

It doesn't hurt when they do it, or maybe just a little. They numb around the area when they do it, so you dont have to be put to sleep. I had some of mine pulled, and they numbed the area, and i did not feel a thing! My mouth was just a tad sore after.

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