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I am 50 and it cost me about 248 for a year from progressive...gl1000

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Q: What is the average cost of insurance on a Honda gold wing for a 60 year old rider in Ohio?
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I am a Insurance Agent in Ohio and yes insurance for a motorcycle is required in Ohio.

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Ohio is the cheapest place to buy a new auto, when you factor in car insurance and taxes. The insurance rates to purchase a new car in Michigan average $2551 annually, versus Ohio with an average of $1200 annually

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I have 1980 Honda Goldwing Interstate with 55,000 on the odometer. I average 45-48 MPG. Jerry Smith Washington Court House, Ohio

Do you have to have insurance if you do not own a car and This is in the state of OHIO and if so will your license be validated without the insurance?

if you do not own a car you do not have to have insurance the insurance is tied to the registration when you register plates for a car and that is how the state keep track of you for insurance purposes I live in Ohio

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