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What is the average cost per square foot to paint the interior of a house in the Kentucky area?

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2012-10-25 14:03:39

The cost depends on whether you paint it yourself or pay a

professional painter to paint it, the grade of paint you buy, how

many coats of paint is applied, and other factors. In almost all

cases, you will save a significant amount of money by painting it

yourself, but hiring a professional painter can result in a much

better looking job.

If you paint it yourself, you will need to buy the paint, paint

brushes, rollers, roller trays, drop cloths, and other supplies.

Depending on the size of the rooms, you could probably paint a room

for less than $200.00, but keep in mind that good paint and good

brushes are worth the extra cost. Once you have the supplies, if

you wash them out good after use and take good care of them, the

cost will be the cost of the paint and any supplies you might need

to replace.

Hiring a professional painter would probably at least double the

$200.00 for each room and could cost even more. The best thing to

do is call professional painters in your area and find out what

they charge, keeping in mind that all painters are not equal and

price does not necessarily determine how well they will do the job.

There is nothing wrong with asking for references and calling


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