What is the average daytime temperature on the Moon?

Measured temperatures on the Moon would vary depending on the location measured. The average surface temperature is about 107°C, with a maximum of about 123°C.

Hot and Cold at the same time

The Moon has almost no real atmosphere, so there is no "air temperature" there. As in space, objects not in sunlight on the Moon would rapidly lose heat to the surrounding vacuum. During the lunar "night", temperatures will drop to between -153°C and -181°C, and at the poles as low as -233°C.

However, the lack of an atmosphere means that the lunar surface receives the full intensity of solar radiation, reaching a temperature of up to 123°C (253°F). This heat is re-radiated, so humans or objects on the surface would receive heat not only from the direct sunlight, but also reflected and re-radiated heat from the Moon's surface.