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it is that they only eat banans

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What is the average weight of a howler monkey?

The average weight of a howler monkey is 15-20 pounds

What kind of consumer is a howler monkey?

The Howler monkey in a herbivore, the diet mainly consistes of berries, leaves and leave litter.

How many legs does a howler monkey have?

4, like an average monkey.

How long do howler monkeys live for?

The average lifespan of a Howler monkey is 15 to 20 years in the wild. The Howler monkeys are omnivores.

Is a howler monkey a vertabrate?

Howler monkey is a vertebrate because it has a spine.

What does a constipated howler monkey look like?

Constipated howler monkey

A howler monkey live up to?

Howler monkeys that survive to adulthood have the average lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

Is it illegal to kill a howler monkey?

yes,it is illegal to kill a howler monkey

Is the Howler monkey the loudest howler in the world?

Yes, the howler monkey is the loudest howler in the world. their howls can be heard up to three miles away.

What eats howler monkeys?

The habitat of the Howler monkey is in the rainforest. Primarily, Eagles and Boa Constrictors are the predators of the Howler monkey.

What does the howler monkey eat?

The howler monkey eats mostly leaves and they eat fruit.

Why is a howler monkey called a howler monkey?

because when they talk toeach other they howl

Where do howler monkey sleep?

Howler monkey usually sleep during after getting full.

Is a howler monkey a in vertebrate or a vertebrate?

a howler monkey is a vertebrate because of it's backbone

How does a howler monkey help the raiforest?

how does the howler monkey help the rainforest in his monkey ways what does he do to help part of the rainforest?

Is the howler monkey in endangered?

no, howler monkeys are safe.

Is a mantled howler monkey in a zoo?

no there is not a mantled howler monkey in any zoo but japan's zoo.

Do jaguars eat howler monkey?

Yes, Jaguars eat Howler monkeys. Another predator of the howler monkey is also the Harpy eagle.

What species is the howler monkey?

it is a type of monkey

What are howler monkeys eating habits?

A Howler Monkey has a very poor diet. They mainly consume leaves from the canopy they live in. Sometimes they will eat fruits or other vegetation.

How long are howler monkeys pregnant?

the average monkey takes 8 to nine months

Do howler monkeys have a backbone?

Yes a howler monkey does have a backbone

What does the howler monkey howl sound like?

Google it. Or go to youtube and search this 'Sound of a howler monkey'.

What are some examples of symbiosis in a tropical dry forest?

howler and spider monkey What do the howler and spider monkey do?

How far can you hear a howler monkey?

You Can Hear A Howler Monkey Call From 4 Km Away In Maximum.

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