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Q: What is the average growing season of the coral reef?
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What is the average depth of a coral reef?

The average depth of a coral reef is 0-2 meters

Is there a stormy season and a sunny season in the coral reef?

sort of

What is the worlds smallest coral reef?

Ther is no smallest coral reef as coral is growing every day it's only then when a patch of coral grow together that it is a coral reef, but once a reef becomes bigger and then others notice it then is not stated on any map

How does coral reef grows?

the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys

What is the smallest type of coral reef?

There are no smallest types of coral reed because they are constantly growing.

Did fish make the Great Barrier Reef?

no, the great barrier reef is the biggest coral reef in the world and started as all coral reefs did, with a small bit of coral. it has since grown heaps and is still growing.

What is the weather of the coral reef like?

The weather in the Coral Reef would include the following. There is no direct rainfail to the coral in the coral reef, because it is submerged in water 24/7. (in the ocean) In the Coral Reef it is an average temperature of between 74 and 84 degrees. Again, weather is the Coral Reef is limited, because of the fact that it is in water.

When does the coral reef's season end?

because it just is the way it is okay.

Coral reef precipitation?

"Given that a coral reef is already underwater, it doesn't really matter. And the precipitation doesn't reach the reef anyway."How_much_precipitation_does_the_coral_reef_receive_in_a_yearOn average is 80 inches of rainfall per year above the coral reef.

Why was the coral reef named coral reef?

the coral reef is named the coral reef.................ther is a lot of coral in in, and a reef is A strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water.

What is the average summer temperature for the coral reef?

about 26 degrees

What is the average yearly precipitaion of the coral reef biome?

509 in

Where do needlefish live?

in the coral reef in the coral reef

Where does a coral reef fish live?

In a coral reef.

What makes a coral reef?

coral is a plant. usually underwater, it grows on a reef. therefore you get a coral reef.

Is the great coral reef the same as the Great Barrier Reef?

No. A coral reef is just a reef made out of coral. There are many other kinds of reefs. A coral reef is just one kind. The Great Barrier Reef is a specific coral reef. There are many other coral reefs in the world.

Does it rain in the coral reef?

It does not rain in a coral reef because the wind near the coral reef is dry and has no moisture

What are the coral reef?

a coral

Are dolphins coral reef animals?

No they are not coral reef animals

What is the smallest coral reef in the world?

There is no smallest coral reef

Is a coral reef a producer?

yes, coral reef is a producer.

How is a coral reef built?

A CORAL REEF is built by cnidarians.

Circular coral reef?

Circular coral reef .is called

Is a coral reef biotic?

Yes a coral reef is biotic!!!!

What are the coral reef animals?

animals that live in the coral reef.