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head chef salary Spain

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Q: What is the average head chef salary in Spain?
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What is the average yearly salary in Swiss francs for a head chef in Switzerland?

The average yearly salary for a head chef in Swiss Francs in Switzerland is £25,000. That is equivalent to 27,590 American dollars.

What is the national income of a chef?

Chefs And Head Cooks Average Hourly Pay: $17.23 Average Annual Salary: $35,840

What is the salary of a head Japanese chef?

The salary of a head Japanese chef is around 40,000 dollars per year minimum. The more technical the position or restaurant, the higher the salary.

What is the Average yearly salary of a Head chef?

The salary of a head chef depends on a few factors. His reputation and knowledge, all the way to the size of the establishment that he or she works at. It is possible for a reputable chef working at a large hotel to make in excess of $100,000.00 a year. That number can also be as low as $40,000.00 a year for a chef working at a normal restaraunt.

What is the standard salary of a chef?

Salaries for chefs vary a great deal, depending on the size and location of the establishment, volume of business and the chef's reputation. According to the US dept. of Labor the average is $32,650 for a head chef.

What does chef mean?

Head Chef.

What is the duration of Head Chef?

The duration of Head Chef is 3600.0 seconds.

How old do you need to be a head chef?

I am a head chef so 18

What is the average wage for a head chef?

Salary: 2004 vs. 2005 - Job Title20042005% Increase Executive Chef $74,694$75,5961.2% General Manager $53,961$54,6871.3% Executive Sous Chef $49,620$52,7145.9% Food and Beverage Manager $48,519$48,8880.8% Pastry Chef $47,865$50,5815.4% Manager/Restaurant Manager $45,532$49,6348.3% Sous Chef $39,275$39,3050.1% Line Cook $11.20(hourly)$12.64(hourly)11.4%

What does patron chef mean?

Head Chef.

What does Chef Patron mean?

Head Chef.

What is the salary of a ncaa division III head football coach?

According to research by Hendrix officials, the average salary for a head football coach in NCAA III is $65,000 a year and the average recruiting budget is $35,000.

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