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Resting would be probably on the high side of normal 80-90

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Q: What is the average heart rate of a person with a low level of cardiovascular activity?
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How many more times does a fit persons heart beat than the average person?

it depends on what they are doing. it will vary between the activity. also on how healthy the person is cardiovascular wise. but generally if the two healthy and average person are just standing still then the more cardiovascular fit healthy persons heart will beat more slowly than the average persons. (no specific number.)

When a person is making cardiovascular gains through aerobic activity they are increasing the amount of what to the heart and lungs?

School is good :D

How physical activity benefits the cardiovascular system?

it increases heart strength

How do you use cardiovascular in a sentence?

Cardiovascular exercises can help a person's heart. Cardiovascular refers to the heart and blood system. She has cardiovascular disease and must take medication to stay alive.

Can you have a heart attack from worry or strenuous activities?

A person who has a healthy heart and circulatory system will not have a heart attack regardless of how much he or she may worry, and regardless of how strenuous his or her activities may be. However, if a person does suffer from cardiovascular disease, then worry or strenuous activity can cause a heart attack.

How much cardiovascular fitness is enough?

twenty minutes of activity that increases your heart rate.

What is the best activity for minimizing venous pooling in the extremities after strenuous cardiovascular activity?

Always do a cool down activity for five to ten minutes after cardiovascular activity. This allows the blood to return to the heart and helps avoid rapid changes in blood pressure. Stretching exercises are usually very beneficial.

What is the best way to determine if an activity contributes to cardiovascular fitness?

By checking your pulse and seeing if you heart rate is in the target heart rate zone.

What is the difference between cardiovascular disease and heart disease?

A cardiovascular disease is a disease effecting the cardiovascular system, the heart and blood vessels. A heart disease is a kind of cardiovascular disease which is specific to the heart.

What is a type of cardiovascular exercise?

Any Aerobic activity like jogging,cycling,swimming,brisk walking ,skipping.An activity which elevates your heart rate.

Does doing pilates improve my heart?

Pilates does not provide cardiovascular activity. Pilates is for flexibility and muscle strengthening. If you do Pilates, you need to design some cardiovascular activities into your workout.

What is cardiovascular endurance?

Cardiovascular Endurance: The ability of the heart, blood vessels, and lungs to supply oxygen to working muscles during physical activity for a prolonged period of time.

Organization of the cardiovascular system and heart?

heart is part of the cardiovascular system

What activity contributes to cardiovascular disease?

Smoking, lack of exercise, and overeating are activities that contribute to cardiovascular disease. Excess alcohol consumption can also lead to heart disease.

Where are valves found?

Valves can be found in the heart. They sit between the Atria and the Ventricles and help aid cardiovascular activity.

What is the resting heart rate of an average person?

The average resting rate is 50 beats a minute. Incorrect. The average resting heart rate is 70 beats per minute. You might find a heart rate of 50 beats per minute in individuals who are runners or those who engage in other cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis.

How do you train Cardiovascular endurance?

By gradually increasing your cardiovascular work out to involve long periods of sustained heart rate. A cardiovascular work out is bascally walking, running, dancing, swimming etc... anything that will increase your heart rate for a sustained period. Endurance comes when you can maintain the activity for long periods of time.

Is heart and cardiovascular the same thing?

Cardiovascular is the heart and blood vessels, so, yes.

How is an activity considered cardiovascular exercise - lasts ten minutes or longer - stretches the muscles - increases muscular strength - none of the above?

None of the above. A cardiovascular exercise raises your heart rate.

How is cardiovascular training helpful?

It teaches you the workings of the heart and cardiovascular system, which is usually referred to as the heart. It also makes CPR one hell of a lot easier to learn if you know what you will be doing to the person on the inside (You will be saving them, but more importantly you will be restarting the cardiovascular system).

The cessation of heart activity is called?

It is known as cardiac arrest, and it refers to the ceasing of all cardiovascular activity, in which you are almost certainly going to die within the next few minutes.

What does a cardiovascular mean?

Cardio relates to the heart so cardiovascular is in relation to the heart and blood vessels

What does physical activity do to the cardiovascular system?

Physical activity increases heart strength in the cardiovascular system. During exercise, the cardiovascular system has to: 1) Deliver oxygen to working muscles 2) Oxygenate blood by returning it to the lungs 3) Transport heat (a by-product of activity) from the core to the skin 4) Deliver nutrients and fuel to active tissues 5) Transport hormones *** it increases heart rate***

How long does the heart function after heart beat stops?

If the "heart beat stops," then the heart is really not "functioning" exactly. There may be some electrical activity going on in/around the heart after the heart beat stops, but the length that this electrical activity lasts varies from person to person. When a person has no heart beat but still has electrical activity, that person may commonly be in what is called "ventricular tachycardia" (V Tach) or "ventricular fibrillation" (V Fib). Also, electrical activity can sometimes be affected by drugs that are given by medical personal when a person has a cardiac arrest (and is in V tach or V Fib), so it is hard to say exactly how long the heart's electrical activity will last after the heart beat stops.

What is the name of the person who perfroms surgery of heart?

The name of the person who performs surgery on the heart is a cardiovascualr surgeon. Here is a list of 15 hospitals with great cardiovascular programs.