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What is the average home remodeling cost per square foot?


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It would be quite difficult to answer if you're just renovating exsting space (and not adding any square footage) because it depends exactly what you're planning to do. By renovation, do you mean building an addition of a certain amount of square footage to an existing home? Perhaps someone can answer that revised question. I agree, altough there is an average, every project is different; however, here is something that might help you out: * figure out what you want to do (replace kitchen cabinetry, resurface floors, etc) * get quotes(free, no obligation quotes)for the work to be done. No lump-sum, individual prices for each "section" if you have more than one area in your house that needs attention. * then devide the amount you get by the number of sq_footage where the work will get done, that'll give you your average $/sq.ft. * allow for the "oops" factor about 10% of your total budget, ie- $10,000 minus 10% = $9,000 for work to be done with $1,000 "just-in-case", but don't tell this to whomever is doing the work or they'll find where to spend that extra thousand bucks! Anyhow, this might also help: repair/spruce up $15 - $40 repair/remodel $20 - $40 substantial remodel $50 - $200 rehabilitation $60 - $250 new addition no plumbing $100 - $150 w/bath $125 - $200 w/kitchen $250 - $300 w/both $250 - $350 new deck w/steps&rails $20 - $30 Well I hope this is of some help.