What is the average humidity level in Hawaii?


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this is the current humidity

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the average level of humidity in the Amazon rain forest is 50 - 260 inches of rainfall yearly

In Hawaii houses are thatched and area because the humidity level is high.

The humidity in Tel Aviv varies throughout the year, as seen below, but the effect of humidity is different according to the temperature. The hotter it gets and more humid, the less comfortable it becomes.Following are average temperatures for Tel Aviv on every month of the year*:JanuaryAverage Temperatures: 10-17 Centigrade = 49-63FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 52-82%FebruaryAverage Temperatures: 10-18 Centigrade = 50-64 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 49-85%MarchAverage Temperatures: 11-19 Centigrade = 53-67 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 50-82%AprilAverage Temperatures: 14-23 Centigrade = 58-73 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 49-80%MayAverage Temperatures: 17-25 Centigrade = 63-77 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 55-82%JuneAverage Temperatures: 21-28 Centigrade = 69-81 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 60-84%JulyAverage Temperatures: 23-29 Centigrade = 73-85 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 62-83%AugustAverage Temperatures: 24-30 Centigrade = 75-86 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 60-82%SeptemberAverage Temperatures: 22-29 Centigrade = 72-85 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 57-80%OctoberAverage Temperatures: 19-27 Centigrade = 66-81 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 53-82%NovemberAverage Temperatures: 15-23 Centigrade = 58-74 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 47-79%DecemberAverage Temperatures: 11-19 Centigrade = 52-63 FahrenheitAverage Humidity Level: 51-82%cited from: http://www.israel-travel-tips.com/en/78/cities/Tel%20Aviv/Tel%20Aviv%20weather

Mean relative humidity for an average year is recorded as 35.2% and on a monthly basis it ranges from 25% in May to 46% in December.

During the fall and winter months, the humidity level in a home averages between 60 and 70 degrees. During the summer months, the humidity level in a home averages between 80 and 90 degrees depending on climate and locality.

The summer humidity level varies widely in Madison, Wisconsin. In the month of July, humidity levels can fluctuate from approximately 49 to 93 percent.

the average humidity on venus is about 70%

The average rainfall is 51 inches every year . Which is 110 days a year.

The average humidity on the moon is about 13 grams. The humidity on the moon is not affected by the temperature.

average humidity is 60% in Tacoma.

what is the average of humidity in Dallas, Texas

Average summer temperature is about 83 degrees and average winter temperature is about 79 degrees with little humidity due to the constant Tradewind flow.

The level of humidity in the taiga is 35%

there is no humidity due to no water.

The lowest elevation is sea level. The highest elevation is Mauna Kea at 13,796 feet above sea level. The average elevation of the State of Hawaii is 3.035 feet above sea level.

The Soleus does have a humidity gague where you can see what the current level of humidity in the room is.

Nashville Tennessee has an average humidity of 70% over the year.

relative humidity Humidity is the term that describes the level of air saturation.

pollution and global warming leads to increase in humidity level in mumbai

Average Relative Humidity: Baton Rouge Relative Humidity (Morning) 89% Baton Rouge Relative Humidity (Afternoon) 62%

Average High: 85°F (at sea level) Average Low: 78°F (at sea level) Night time lows 68-75°F

There is no humidity on Jupiter. This is because there is no water on the planet which is needed to produce humidity.

Average humidity on the Antarctic continent is less than five percent: it is a desert.

You can't average temperature and humidity, because they have different units. You can average their numbers, but that result has no meaning.

Parts of Hawaii are at sea level- since Hawaii is a series of islands. However, parts of Hawaii are WELL above sea level. Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii is over 13,000 feet above sea level.

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