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What is the average income of a 26-year-old female in America?


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There is no such thing as an average 26-year-old female in America.

-But I'll keep looking!

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The average income for a family doctor in America is $156,164 a year.

The average income in Hungary is 23, 938 dollars. The average income in America is almost twice this amount of money.

the average is about 31,111 dollars.

North America includes the US, Canada and Mexico. Average annual income for Canada: $51,951 Average annual income for the US: $49,777 Average annual income for Mexico: estimated to be 1/4 to 1/3 of the US average

The average income in Central America will vary depending on what country you are located in. The majority of countries average around 3000 dollars a year.

The average per capita income of a US citizen is USD 45,450.

what was the average income for someone with a masters in 1965?

Colorado is a state in the United States of America. In Colorado, the average income is somewhere around 34,283 dollars.

The average per capita income in Australia is $67,442, compared to $42,693 in America. This is based on 2012 statistics.

There is no average income tax rate in America; income tax rates are determined by how much you earn. For example, if your taxable income is below $8500, then you will only need to pay 10%, while if you earn above $38000, then you will need to pay 35%.

From what ive heard on CNN, the average salary in America is a little under $30,000 a year. That's about $14.50 an hour.

the average income for a anesthesiologist is around 110,000-160,000 depending on what state in America you plan on working at.

The average income of a person in 1921 is about 30,000 dollars. Everything in 1921 was a lot cheaper a car would of cost 500 dollars.

The US average income is MUCH higher than the world average income.

what was the average household income in 1958? what was the average household income in 1958?

According to the American Vision History Book, 2/3 of families earned less than $2,500 per year, but as for the average income I am still unsure.

The average income income that colombians get is $149 a month

the average income is 300,990,234.788

the average income depends on your job

what is the average income in hawaii

The average Georgia Income is $47,590

The average Canadian income is 928 dollars a week or around 50,000 dollars a year. The average Canadian income is close to the average US income.

Mexico's average income (2013) is of approximately US$12,732. Canada's average income is approximately of US$28,194 a year. This means Mexico's average income is roughly 45% of Canada's.

average income of a country = total income of the country÷ population of the country

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