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Of course the rating on the car itself will be quite high considering the cost to replace parts, it is a fast car etc. But there is no "average" cost on any insurance rate - unless you can give me an average driver age and zip code for a Lamborghini. What about how long have they been with the insurance company, maybe they have discounts built up.


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The average auto insurance rate in the Michigan region is about $900-1200. Average car insurance costs in MI are 1800 dollars a year.

The average rate for insurance for elderly because they are due to pass at any moment, The travel insurance rate is even higher because you are in a foreign location.

The average Michigan car insurance rate for liability only policies is about $2000

The average rate of car insurance in Brooklyn New York is $2500 per person.

If you could afford a Lamborghini, I really don't think the cost of insurance would concern you.

There is no average rate for life insurance it is dependent of pre existing health conditions as well as the age of the person purchasing the coverage.

You can check what the average quot eis at

The average rate for the Hartford insurance varies. Insurance rates vary on age, gender, and driving history. Idealy, you wold need to contact a Hartford insurance agent and get a free quote.

In the average rates for renters insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance, Pennsylvania is usually lower! In 2007, the average rate for PA renters insurance was only $144!

The average auto insurance rates in Florida are slightly lower than the national average. The average auto insurance rate in Florida is around $1,550.

For a middle Aged man with a very clean driving record...around $1,800 a month garaged in a safe neighborhood. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

The average rate for auto insurance claims in the U.S. is around eighteen hundred dollars. However the prices can vary depending on where you live.

What is the average rate for 1000.000 general liability insurance for a used car dealership transporter

The average rate for individual health insurance is around 180$ per month. This is the average paid by a single person in the U.S.A. . The price for a familiar coverage goes up to 480$.

The average rate for an American family auto insurance policy depends on the US state one resides in. In Arizona, Sample Premium average costs $2,706.

In 2007, the average Arizona household paid between $1700-$1,900 for car insurance.

The annual car insurance rate is around 600 dollars.

The average insurance expenditure is calculated by adding all auto insurance premium collected for liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, and dividing by the number of insured cars for the year. The average auto insurance expenditure nationwide is $785.

An attorney to represent your matters with insurance typically start at $150 per hour

The average cost of auto insurance in the U.S is $150 per month. However, this average rate is subject to be higher or lower depending on many factors.

The average auto insurance rate in the United States is just under $800 each year per car. The rate was highest in New Jersey at $1157. The lowest rate was paid in Nebraska at $593.

The companies that offer term life insurance are Blue Cross Blue Shields, Pinnacle, Mutual Insurance, Farmers Insurance and the average rates can be anywhere between $100.00 and up.

It depends on the auto insurance company. It's about $30/month.

With an average rate of just $902/year, Maine has the cheapest auto insurance rates.

The average auto insurance premium cost in New Jersey is $2498 per year. Much higher then the national average of $1735 per year.

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