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There was a study done in Portland, Oregon to find the average length of a car. They wanted to see what size parking spaces would be needed to accommodate people.

They measured 390 vehicles (Front bumper of the body to the rear bumper) and found the average length of 13.51706036745407 feet (4.12 meters). This is the average size for midsized sedans/coupes (combustion engines).

A vehicle over 16.40419947506562 (5.0 meters) would be considered a large sized truck or SUV (Usually Commercial sized heavy duty diesels, like the Ford F-350-450).

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What is the avrage length of a car?

Average length of a car is 177.2 inch

What is the average length of a European car?

The average length of a European car is about 15 feet.

What is the metric unit for length of a car?

You would measure the length of a car in metres. An average car is about 4m

How much is 1 car length?

It is the length of one car, usually just an average.

Length of average car?

Average mid size car is 16 feet long.

What is the average length of a car warranty?

The average length of a car warranty is about a year. If the age of the car goes over a year, the warranty of the car will no longer be valid and thus, there is no insurance or warranty.

What is the average car size?

The average car length is around 4500mm or 14,7 feet.

What is the average length of a family sedan car?


What is the average length of a middle size car?


What is the length of average car?

The length of an average car is about five meters. Some are longer than this while others are shorter like the sedan which is about 4.12 meters.

What is the average lenght of a car?

The average length of a car is about sixteen and a half feet. That is one hundred ninety six inches long.

How long is the average car door?

The average length of a car door is between three and four feet. This will vary slightly depending on the make and model of the car.

How long is the length of three cars?

Three car lengths. Kidding, depends what kind of car. If average length, I'd say 30 feet.

What is the average length of a medium sized car?

5 metres long

I'm designing a garage for one car. What is the standard or average interior length of a modern garage?

The average length would be 24' but bigger is always better.

What is the average length of a midsize car?

The average size of a midsize car is about 13.51 feet long. The make and model of midsize cars can affect the size also.

Average length width of a car?

about 15 ft long and 5.5 ft wide

Which is the best estimate of the length of a car?

The UK Highway Code in discussing emergency stopping distances uses the average length of a car as about 4 m or 13 ft.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Greece to the UK?

It depends on the inside length, width, and height of the car. The average is 1000 GBP.

Once the brakes have been applied about how many feet does a car that was going 70 mph travel before it comes to a stop?

average car takes 1 average car length per 10 mph.

What is the length of an average couch?

An average couch is about average length

What is the average length of time a person owns a car?

From 5-20 yrs.At an estimate, it varies.

How much is an average car rental from Enterprise?

Many factors go into determining the cost of a car rental from Enterprise. A few factors are the time of day, the class of car, and the length of time you keep the car. The average is $50-$80 a day depending on your needs.

How many tenths of a second equates to how many car lengths?

That depends on vehicle speed. At 60 mph a vehicle covers 88 feet in one second. It also depends on the length of the car, but assuming the average car is 15 feet in length, it takes less than 2 tenths of a second to travel one "car length" at 60 mph. So in one second, the average car covers almost 6 car lengths! Double the speed - 120 mph - and that same car covers 176 feet in one second; more than half the length of a football field.

What is a typical length of a small car?

What is a typical length of a small car?