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The average around 2006 was between 2-5 minutes, with less than 1 hour spent watching online view per month. It is likely this has increased since then, but not by any significant amount.

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Why can't you view the video during a video chat session?

It is an online chat room where you see the preson you are talking to. THERE IS NO VIDEO.

What is the average length of a youtube video?

2.7 minute

What is the average length for music video?

about 4 to 5 minutes

Is the music video for the song We Are The World the actual recording session video?

It is an actual recording session indeed.

What si protocol?

SIP, SI Protocol, or Session Initiation Protocol is a signalling protocol used in video or voice calls, Instant Messaging (IM), file transfer and online gaming over an Internet Protocol (IP). The main function of the SIP is to create, modify or terminate multicast or unicast sessions. i.e. The SIP is what starts up the video call or online game session or whatever.

Every time I try to restart my on demand I get a messages saying the session timed out I restarted the session once but don't know how I did it so how do you restart a Comcast Video on Demand session?

call Comcast

What is online video and online TV?

TV is video but video is not TV. TV is closer to being live than a regular video.

How much video in 8 GB?

It depends on the length of each video.

How many megabytes are in one youtube video?

It depends on the length + quality of the video.

What is Online Video Platform?

Good Question! I would make it simple for better understanding! If you would like to make a video platform for your business video content to stream online, you would choose to build your own online video platform where you can upload your video content online on your platform and your video content would be streaming online and also its secure. An online video platform is involved in designing, hosting, searching and uploading the video content in the platform. there are many features in the online video platform like customization, recording, interacting videos, highly secure, ip restrictions, multi device support, dashboard and analytics option too to track your audience and many more! Source below:

How do I make a video recording of myself and combine it with my Pro Tools recording session?

You can use whatever method you want to record a video of yourself. Import the video in to the computer. You can then add a video track to Pro Tools and then import the video in to the project.

What is online video store?

An online video store is a store that sells videos that you can download or purchase and watch online. It usually has a wider selection than you could find at your local video store.

What is the average cost of a video game?

The average cost of a modern video game is 49.99 to 59.99.

Where would it be possible to find a video about Bulgaria online?

There are many places where one can find a video about Bulgaria online. One can find a video about Bulgaria online at popular on the web sources such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Where can one find the Khia video of My Neck My Back?

One can find the Khia video of My Neck, My Back video online at YouTube. This video is also available online at SOHH Blogs and Funny Or Die. Lyrics can be found online at Metro Lyrics.

How do you turn a video from windows live movie maker into MP4?

Publish the video first. Then convert it to an MP4 with a video convert, which you can get free online. There are even video converters online that you don't have to download a program for. Just Google: online video converters.

How do you play basketball online?

you buy a video game online

Hoe long does it take to upload a YouTube video?

It depends on the length of the video, the video quality of the video, your internet speed, and Youtube's current traffic.

What is a internet video link?

Those link which provide the online video.

Where can you record and edit video online for free?

I wouldn't recommend using any online video editing software or recoders. Invest in a video editing and recording program.

How good is online video dating?

some of the online dating website you can talk and you can video chat!

How many gigabytes in 1 video?

That depends on the length of the video in minutes and the format that it is being recorded in.

Where can one find online video games rankings?

One can find online video games rankings on video game review sites, such as IGN. Also, online retailers such as Amazon keep track of rankings as well.

Is there a heroscape video game online?


How can you see online video?