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What is the average mileage of a 2000 4-door sedan Chevrolet Cavalier?

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You can look up this information under the "Specifications" tab for any car at .

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What is the value of a 1998 cavalier?

Average price for 1998 4door about 2000$ usd. This value by dealer prices.

Which is the maximum speed of Chevrolet chevette 4DOOR automatic 4-cylinder 47HP year 1978?

135 miles per hour

Should I get a 95 Chevy cavalier 4door info its got 72000 miles and blows cold air i am a 15 year old girl...?

Yeah, Cavaliers are a good car to start off with!

How do you add horsepower to a cutlass 1983 supreme brougham v6 4door?

How do you add horsepower to a cutlass 1983 supreme brougham v6 4door?

Mercedez Benz 1992 300 E 4door cuope automatic transmission diagram?

mercedez Benz 1992 300 E 4door cuope automatic transmission diagram

Where is the VIN on a 1949 Chevrolet fleet line 4door?

Vehicles of this era had no VIN #. They did however have a body plate that contains build information. May be on the driver's door, under the hood, inside the glove box, on the firewall, or someplace else.

How do you replace the heater core on a 1996 blazer 4door?

with your hands

What standard features are a part of a 1959 Chevy?

The standard features of a 1959 Chevrolet Impala are a new X-frame Chassis. The standard model was a 2door but 4door models were available. Also it was available in 3speed manual and 2speed automatic transmission.

Will 97 integra spindle fit a 90 integra?

Yes it will. I did it to my 90 integra 4door

How many mpg does a 2000 mirage get?

mine gets 36+ highway. 4door 1.8 auto

Tire size for 2005 Honda civic lx 4door?

195/60R15 is the OEM size.

What is the payload capacity of a 1999 Chevy blazer 4door?

What is the pAyload for a 1991chevy blazer four dood

Can you change a 4door nova 67 into a 2 door nova 67?

Not worth ur time and money

How much did you pay for your 4door sedan?

I paid $350 in 1975 for my 1942 Oldsmobile 4 door sedan.

Where can you find chassie number on a1994 mercbenz 4door e320 v6?

not sure where 2 locate it but its a 124 chassie

Why does the low fuel light SRS light and door light never work on your 1997 civic 4door.?

Check the fuses.

What are the air intake hose connections for a 2000 Chevy tracker 4door with 4wd?

if you are asking what secures the hose...hose calmps!

How much does a 75 Buick electra weigh?

A fully fueled 75 Buick Electra 4door custom weighs 5080 lbs.

07 Pontiac G6 power door locks wont work?

"Replacing a power door lock on a 4door pont G6

How do you fix code po456 on ford?

Mi truck is a ford f 150 4door n i have thise problen code po456

Does a 2003 Chevy truck s10 V6 4wheel drive 4door have a timing chain or timing belt?

Timing chain NO belt.

What kind of oil do you put in a 2001 4door Pontiac grandam GT?

it all depends on mileage and what product u use but normally it takes 5-w30 i would prefer Valvoline higher mileage for anything over 200,000 miles but if u want performance go with royal purple 5-w30 its a lubricant that u don't have to change every 3,000 miles but there is a variety of lubricants out there for instance Valvoline, mobile one, mobile clean, Pennzoil, Havoline, are just some of the product's.

How much is a 1960 Ford Falcon 4door worth?

A 1960 Ford Falcon 4 door sedan with the straight six engine could be worth low retail $2317, average retail $3953 and high retail $5780. It's all about condition and factory options.

How big is the gas tank on a Suzuki Sidekick?

there are 2 sizes. 1 is 2door 11.1 gal 2 other is 4door. 14.5 gal

What kind of carburetor is in a 99 gmc suburban 4door 1500 4wdrive?

That year did not use a carburetor. Those models came fuel injected.