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What is the average mileage of a minivan?

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12,000-15,000 /year

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What is the average gas mileage for a 7 passenger minivan?

Depends on many factors including what engine was installed, how many passengers, how much cargo has been loaded, and the terrain that the minivan is being driven. Could average between 16 and 21 mpg.

How much has mileage How many miles are on it?

Every minivan is different. I would have to know the exact model and make of the minivan in order to give you an accurate gas mileage estimate. However, most have at least a 20 gallon tank.

What is a decent price on a used minivan and what is the best model to buy?

A 2005 Honda Odyssey would be a good minivan to buy due to higher gas mileage and roomy interior. A fair price for this minivan would be between $9,000-13,000.

What are the best used vans for mileage efficiency?

I would shop for a Honda Odessey minivan for fuel economy.

What are the best minivans when it comes to gas mileage?

The new Sienna and the Caravan both have high gas mileage. The Town & Country is another great minivan, it is the vehicle I currently own and love.

What is the Average mileage 2002 Volkswagen polo?

The average mileage for a 2002 Polo would be about 12000.

What is the average mileage rate in Singapore?

What is the mileage rate in Singapore

What is the Gas mileage for 1995 Lumina minivan? It has all you need to know about it's mileage, although I'm not really sure about the sites authenticity.

What is the average size of a minivan?

Minivan models can vary quite a bit in size. If you average the dimensions of three popular makes and models, the Honda Odyssey, the Dodge Caravan and the Chrysler Town and Country, you can come up with an average size of a minivan. That typical minivan's dimensions would be 77 inches wide, 69 inches high and 198 inches long. It would weigh about 4,800 lbs

What is a suzuki every minivan?

The Suzuki Every Minivan is a multi-purpose minivan.

What is the average mileage for a 2003 vehicle?

10 thousand miles per year is usually classed as average mileage

What is the national average for gas mileage reimbursement in 2011 in NC?

What is the mational average for gas mileage reimbursement in MD

What is the average Hyundai Santa Fe's lifetime mileage?

The average lifetime mileage for the latest Hyundai Sante Fe is around 350,000 miles. This average lifetime mileage depends on how the owner maintains the vehicle.

What is the average mileage reimbursement rate in Georgia?

As of 2014 the average mileage reimbursement in Georgia is 56 cent per mile. Mileage allowance changes often and can vary by company.

How is the gas mileage on the average van?

The average gas mileage on an average van (2012 Chevrolet Express) is 13 miles in the city and 17 miles on the highway.

What is the average gas mileage for the Triumph Rocket?

The gas mileage for any vehicle depends on where it is driven including circumstances such as traffic and speed limit. The average mileage for a Triumph Rocket is 29MPG.

What is the average daily car mileage?

The average daily miles driven is about 30 to 40 miles a day. The average mileage on a car in a year is about 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

What is the average mileage for a dirt bike?

30 to 35 mpg is the mileage of a dirt bike.

How many feet long is a minivan?

It depends on the minivan.

What is the average gas mileage of a Mazda 3 Sport?

The average gas mileage of a Mazda 3 Sport depends on the engine and body style it has. Most Mazda 3 Sports have an average gas mileage between 25-30 MPG.

What is the average mileage reimbursement for Virginia?

The average mileage reimbursement for the state ofÊVirginia is $0.47 per mile. The mileageÊrate will vary from company to company.Ê

What is the average mileage for a used minivan?

Mileage varies greatly based on the year of the vehcile. Anything around 50,000 miles is average for a 4-5 year vehicle. While it's possible to find minivans with less than 30,000 miles and still under warranty, they are mostly new or off-lease. the higher quality minivans have 40-60,000 miles while the cheapesst minivans available have well over 100,000 or more.

What is the average cost for a 2001 Chevy Silverado?

The cost of a 2001 Chevy Silverado will depend on its condition and mileage. The average cost for a vehicle in excellent condition with average mileage is about $9,000.

Where can I find affordable used minivans?

There are very affordable minivan prices on the website, There are lists of gas mileage and also provides a realistic overview of the vehicle you are considering.

Does a minivan transform into a robot?

G1 Skids is a minivan, and so is RID X-Brawn, the brother of Prowl and Sideburn. G1 Ironhide also Transforms into a minivan. So technically, no. A minivan can not turn into a robot, but a Transformer robot can turn into a minivan.

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