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What is the average output MW of a coal power plant?

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There are 492 coal-fired power plants in the U.S., with an average size of 667 megawatts (MW) and an average age of 40 years.

Source: "Form EIA-860 Database, Annual Electric Generator Report," U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration,
2005 data set.


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What kind of output current comes in the generator?

The output current is equivalent to the output power (in VA) divided by the terminal voltage. Relatively large coal plants may be 600-800MW output power, and often have a terminal voltage between 13.8 - 25kV. A good "average" full load output current for an average coal plant may be 15,000-25,000 amps, but real calculations are easy enough to do that an estimate really shouldn't be necessary.

What is the average cost to build a typical coal power plant?

1 Pence

What is coal fire power plant?

A power plant in which coal is burned to move generating turbines to produce electricity.

Can a nuclear plant generate as much power as a coal plant?

Single nuclear PWR units can now range up to 1600 MWe output, so I think that is comparable with any single coal fired unit

What spins the turbine of coal-burning power plant?

Steam spins the turbine of coal-burning power plant.

When was the power plant invented?

1921 in Wisconsin it was a coal fueled power plant

When coal is burnt?

At the power plant.

Is a coal power plant or nuclear power plant better?

Lets start off with the dangers of both Coal and nuclear power plants: A coal power plant pollutes a lot of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which is causing global warming and climate change. A Nuclear power plant can lead to a meltdown which can kill from radiation exposure, but does not pollute any CO2's. So in short a Nuclear power plant is 1% to 50% better than a coal power plant.

What is the use of coal to geothermal power plant?

A geothermal power plant does not use coal to generate energy. Coal would be superfluous.

Where is the largest coal power plant?


Why is coal burned in a power plant?

it is in the dictionary

How does the law of conservation of energy apply to the coal power plant?

the power plant is hazardous to the enviroment.

Nuclear power plant and coal whats the difference?

In a power plant the steam turbine/generator is very similar whether coal or nuclear fuelled. Both methods produce steam to drive the turbine. In a nuclear plant the heat source is the nuclear reactor, in a coal plant it is the coal burning furnace

What does a thermal power plant do that a coal power plant doesn't?

In a thermal power plant, the conversion of thermal heat into rotational energy is achieved. This can be achieved by using the thermal heat from burning coal or from burning oil or from burning gas or from steam generated by solar means (insolation). In a coal power plant the thermal heat obtained from burning coal is converted into rotational energy, which drives the generator and eventually, electrical power is generated.

How many people are needed to work at a coal power plant everyday?

How many people are needed to work at a coal power plant depends on the size and age of the plant, among other things.

Compare and contrast coal and nuclear power plant?

coal is black nuclear is purple

What is the cost of decommissioning a coal power plant?


Which energy transformation occurs first in a coal burning power plant?

which energy transformation occurs first in a coal burning power plant

What is pit head power station?

A pithead is a power plant that is located in coal min e itself and thus reduces operating cost as transportation cost of carrying coal to power plant is reduced.

If the nuclear power plant in palatka Florida exploded will it reach Ocala Florida?

According to Wikipedia's sources, the power plant in Palatka, Seminole Generating Station, is a coal burning power plant. It only appears to be nuclear because of the cooling towers that are iconic of nuclear power plants but can be used coal fired power plants. I would have to imagine that the blast from a coal power plant, if exploded, would not travel the 40 or so miles to Ocala.

How is a power plant different from a fossil fuel plant?

A power plant can be classified as a fossil fuel plant if it uses fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal to produce electricity.

How many types of power plant?

Atomic Energy plant, Oil fired plant, Gas fired plant, Coal fired Plant, Gas Turbine plant, Hydroelectric plant, Wave power, Wind power, Solar panel type

What are the advantages of coal fired power plant to the community?

emission are lower

What could be a source of chemical weathering?

a coal fired power plant.

What is a coal fired power plant?

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".