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1200 to 1500

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2009-05-09 20:24:22
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Q: What is the average price of a apartment in Los Angeles CA?
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What is the average price for renting or buying a small apartment in Los Angeles CA?

Apartments in Los Angeles, California can be quite expensive. A small studio apartment runs from $1,000 to $1,500 a month.

What is the price of scrap acrylic in Los Angeles?

what is the price of acrylic scrap in los angeles

Where does Jake pitts live?

He lives in an apartment in Los Angeles!

What was the setting for the movie quarantine?

An apartment building in Los Angeles.

What is the average price a plumber charges to disconnect a dishwasher?

A typical price in the Los Angeles area would be $99-$200

Where can you find cheap apartments in the Los Angeles area?

If you are looking for cheap apartments in the Los Angeles area, it will depend on the exact area of L.A. Try looking for an efficiency apartment, as they will be the lowest costing apartment.

Where did Marilyn Monroe live in Los Angeles?

She lived in a apartment or a hotel in 1962.

Where did perry mason live?

Perry Mason lived in Los Angeles in an apartment.

What is the price range of a temporary rental furnished apartment in Los Angeles?

This is a broad question. The price depends on the size of the apartment and the location. It can be as high as $1000 a week in upscale apartments in downtown LA and as low as $250 a week for studio apartments in other areas.

How much is the average rent for an apartment in Los Angeles?

There is some variation in average rents depending on size of apartment (number of bedrooms) and location. However, one bedroom apartments are currently averaging between $1639 and $2509 per month.

Where is Big Time Rush apartment?

Big time rush's apartment is 2j and is in the palm woods apartments in Los Angeles

What is the price for floor tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers game?

The price for floor tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers game is 175 dollars per person.

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