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What is the average rainfall in the Amazon Basin?


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The Amazon Basin's climate is warm and humid, with an average temperature of 79 degrees and 80 inches of yearly rainfall.

The average rainfall in the amazon rainforest is 347 days a year

The average temperature in the amazon basin is 72-91

1. One-fifth of the world's fresh water is in the Amazon Basin (this excludes the non-available freshwater contained within polar ice). 2. Over 2,000 species of fish have been identified in the Amazon Basin, which is more species than have been identified in the entire Atlantic Ocean. 3. The Amazon Basin contains the largest tropical rainforest in the world. 4. There are more unknown, undiscovered species of flora and fauna in the Amazon Basin than there are known species. 5. The average annual rainfall in the Amazon Basin is about 203 cm, or 80 inches.

In the case of the Bolivia Amazon Basin. the large amount of rainfall is due to northeasterly winds picking up moisture over the warm Atlantic ocean. Which then crosses the Amazon Basin where it then falls they have awesome maps and data for this stuff. :D Have fun!

There are 3.3 people for every 2 kilometers. The Amazon River Basin is not a very populated region. The basin area is 6,145,186 square kilometers.

the average level of humidity in the Amazon rain forest is 50 - 260 inches of rainfall yearly

fjhfckc,It rains all year through near the mouth of the Amazon. However, the average rainfall in the Amazon in May and December, specifically in Belem, is 259 mm and 155 mm respectively.

The Great Basin Desert region gets anywhere from seven to twelve inches of rain per year.

what is the vegetation of amazon basin?

Amazon basin is belongs to the amazon rain forest. It is in south america.

The population of amazon basin is very low. only a limited number of tribal people reside there in inaccesible forests. There is a population of 15,612.

The Amazon basin is located in Brazil.

Yes indeed the Amazon basin is a landform.

amazon basin is located in south America

Yes, most of the Amazon Basin is cropland.

somewhere between 7 feet and 9 feet a year

Australia is 10% larger then the Amazon Basin

climatic conditions in the Amazon basin are hot and wet.

The Amazon River Basin Major river basin?? major river is the amazon river so it must be the AMAZON RIVER BASIN!!!!!!:)

The word "basin" refers to the portion of a valley from which water drains into the river, and then to the sea. The Amazon Basin is another way to refer to the Amazon River Valley in northern and central South America.

A river basin is any area of land that drains into a river system. The Amazon Basin is one specific river basin, namely all the land that drains into the Amazon River system (meaning: including all the streams and creeks that in turn flow into the Amazon.)

describe the amazon river basin region in Brazil

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