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Subprime Home Loans are for people who have a poor credit history. Therefore the rate depends on personal circumstance, how long the loan is for and what the credit history of the individual is like.


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Subprime loan rates usually are between 9% to 24% all depending on the variables presented. Subprime lending is usually granted to those who have less than perfect credit score.

The average mortgage loan rate in Wisconsin is around 4.49%. That is based on a 30 year fixed average. A 15 year fixed home mortgage loan average is around 3.65%.

The average interest rate for home equity loans is constantly changing. As of June, 2013 the average interest rate was 5.11% for a line of credit and 6.15% for a loan.

The average interest rates on a home equity loan depends on which home equity loan in particular. For example, the $30 HELOC is averaged at an interest rate of 5%.

The most recent average interest rate (as of 6/05/13) for a home equity loan is 6.09%. Let it be noted that this rate changes every minute, hour, day, and month.

The lender can change the rate on a variable rate loan. A fixed rate stays the same for the life of the loan.

The average interest rate on a motorcycle loan is 100000

A typical interest rate for someone taking out a first home loan will average between 5 and 6 %. The actual rate will depend on the terms of the loan and the competitiveness of the lender.

Currently, the average rate for a home equity loan is 6.44 percent. That is good news for homeowners as the rate has dropped from 6.48 percent in August 2012.

No, the term subprime only refers to the quality of the loan. The borrower typically has bad credit or sub prime credit. The name is confusing.

The average rate of a Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan and Federal Direct Plus Graduate Loan is now 7.9%. This rate is fixed for the life of the loan and cannot exceed 8.25%.

home loan Interest Rate is ------ 10.25% Floating Rate of SBI 11.00% Flat Rate of HDFC 10.50% Floating Rate of HDFC

The average rate for a mortgage loan would depend on the rates for the day that you are inquiring. Rates may change on a daily basis. Today's average rate is 3.25%.

Home equity loan rates are based largely on the credit rating of the person applying for the loan. Although one may be able to find out the average rate in a particular state at any time, that does not mean that the loan rate will apply for everyone that wants a loan in that state.

The average interest rate on a Home Equity Loan in Texas is about 8 to 10%. You can read more at There are several different types of loans and circumastances,so a tru average is not possible. You can find rates as low as 5% and as high as 19%

A subprime mortgage is a type of loan granted to individuals with poor credit scores—640 or less, and often below 600—who, as a result of their deficient credit histories, would not be able to qualify for conventional mortgages. Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is the most common type of subprime mortgage in the United States, which charges a fixed interest rate for an initial period thereafter.

The higher the score, the cheaper your loan will be. 700+ will get you the cheapest prime rates advertised in the paper. Around 520-620 will get you subprime rates meaning increased fees and or a higher interest rate. Sometimes subprime points and "junk" fees can be as much as 4 points depending on the lender. Below 520 and even the subprime lenders start looking away for you.

One can get a fixed rate home equity loan using a real estate values website to figure the value of their home. Then one has to apply for the loan with their lender.

An acceptable rate for a home mortgage loan is 7-9 percentage. Read more at or

To compare a home loan you have to consider the fixed interest rate, the floating interest rate, flexible home loans, minimum loan terms, maximum loan terms, repayment frequency and monthly fees.

There are a huge list of sites that gives you information about home loan that only requires pay rate calculation, for example Home Loan Home, and others.

You can find the best home equity loan rate by shopping around at different lenders and banks. You can do this on the website Bank Rate, that compares different loan rates by lender. list the average 36 month car loan at 6.44%

The average interest rate on a same day payday loan can be over 900 % for a one week loan, over 400 % for a two week loan and 200 % for a one month loan.

The national average for a 30 year fixed mortgage rate is 4.89%. This rate can either increase or decrease depending on the loan ammount. As of March 6, 2010, the national average mortgage interest rate for a 30 year fixed rate loan is 5.31%. The national average mortgage interest rate for a 15 year fixed rate loan is 4.68%.

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