What is the average replacement cost of a shingle roof?

home depot charges $250.00 per square & up which includes material. additional charges include skylights. steepness roof, cuts of shingles, weight of roofing paper used which may not be necessary for code but recommended. most large co's are getting $350.00 square. any wood replaced is extra. it is recommended bundles of shingles used be counted. 3 bundles to square. do not count starter shingles. favorite scam is to estimate price from ground and over-estimate square. shingles are then thrown away or more likely taken to next job. you paid for material and labor. signing contract gives them the right for massive over-charges. use BBB....or someone recommended.

I DISAGREE WITH THE ABOVE..since we in the industry charge a lump sum for roof installations, we always order extra shingles and return the balance to the yard.. We in NEPA charge about $3.2 sf for ripoff and replace average cost...

larger eaves adds about 200 for extra row of ice and water..
steepness adds about .40sf
over the top is about 2.5sf install cost