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Starting wages for journalistsAt my first reporting job as a part-time police reporter I started off at $12.00 an hour, and moved up to $13.00 over the course of two years.

Then I got a full time job as a police reporter in Southern California at a 30,000 circulation paper and started at $13.50. After a year I was bumped up to $15.00 an hour, and in my second year here I am making $16.00. It works out to an annual salary of roughly $33,000, before taxes.

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Q: What is the average salary for a journalist?
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Average salary for broadcast journalist?

The estimated average salary of a new broadcast journalist is $43,640 per year.

What is the average salary for a broadcast journalist?


What is the average salary of a NBA journalist?

The average salary of a NBA journalist is close to $35,000. The amount will vary depending upon the education, experience and skill level.

What is the average salary for a journalist in India?

The average salary for a journalist in India is 239,907 Indian Rupee. If the amount is converted to Dollars, the amount equates to $4,118 a year.

Salary range for a fashion journalist?

The starting salary for a fashion journalist is about 10,000. The salary of a professional fashion journalist is anywhere from 35,000-60,000.

How much does a journalist make per year?

The salary of a journalist will vary on the market they work in, their experience, and who they are working for. The average starting pay for a journalist is around $35.000.

What is the Average Starting Salary for a journalist working in South Africa?

20 thousand rands

What is Average salary of a journalist in Philippines?

The average salary for a journalist in the Philippines is five thousand Philippine pesos. One Philippine peso is equal to 0.023 US Dollar. Many Philippine journalists suffer from lack of job security, no benefits, and low pay.

What is the average salary for a Toronto star journalist?

A Toronto Star journalist makes $53,354 in their first year and after six years can make up to $84,365 per year.

How much does a journalist get paid per year?

Journalist salary in the US varies by company and location. I search on, a site that offers salary information for jobs specific to companies and job titles. You can find salary range and starting salary paid by companies for journalist jobs at:

Do journalists make a lot of money?

An average journalist is paid a $25,000 to $40,000 salary, but not all jobs are paid equally.

What is the salary of broadcast journalist?

In 2004, the median salary for journalists and correspondents was $31320

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