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It is $114,000.

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Q: What is the average salary for a real estate lawyer?
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What is the average salary of a real estate agent in Florida?

Average Real Estate Agent salaries for job postings in Florida are 4% lower than average Real Estate Agent salaries for job postings nationwide.

What is the average salary for an real estate agent?

depends on how many people they trick

What is the average starting salary for a real estate appraiser?

Depends on which state you live in. Also depends on if you are a commercial or residential real estate appraiser.

Is there a difference between a probate lawyer and a real estate lawyer?

Yes. A probate lawyer handles estates. A real estate lawyer handles transactions that involve real estate. Those specialities are often combined in a law practice.

How much does it cost for a real estate lawyer?

The cost of a real estate lawyer will vary greatly depending on what your particular lawyer charges. I, for example, work in a real estate law firm. Our main lawyer there charges $235 an hour.

What is the yearly salary for a real estate agent?

The avreage salary of a real estate agent is about 62,595 dollars

How much does a real estate investors make?

Real estate investors are paid per deal, and depend upon the cost of the transaction. The average salary for commercial real estate is $50,000 above.

What is the salaries for real estate agents?

Average Real Estate Agent Salary in India. Base Salary. โ‚น98k - โ‚น1m. Bonus. โ‚น23k - โ‚น175k. Commission. โ‚น15k - โ‚น230k. โ‚น127k - โ‚น2m.

Real estate salaries?

A Real Estate Agent can easily earns an average salary of $43,969 per year. Most people in real estate business move on to other echelon after 10-20 years.

What jobs are available close to Los Angeles?

Lawyer, Accountant, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate. Lawyer, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate.

How much is a typical salary in the field of home real estate?

A typical salary in the field of home real estate was $54,410 back in 2008. This varies depending on how many sales the real estate agent makes.

What is the average starting salsry for being a real estate agent?

Normally there isn't a salary. Real estate is normally commission only, so if you don't sell and close deals; you make no money.

What is the average real estate developer salary?

Developers do not earn a salary. They risk their savings and other financing to earn profits, from which they could draw a regular salary amount of their own choosing.

What type of amendments are used in real estate?

You need to consult with a professional in your area: lawyer or real estate agent.

What is the average real estate commission percentage in Tennessee?

What's the average real estate commission

Is there a lawyer in Cleveland that can look over a real estate contract for a reasonable cost?

You can search online for a real estate lawyer. and are the two most noted sites.

How much does the average real estate lawyer cost?

Most real estate lawyer fees range from $500 to $1500 for the average home. This fee varies according to location as well. Check with a few real estate attorneys in your area before deciding. Use a reputable agent referred to you by someone you trust. Ask a broker, banker, accountant, or insurance agent what they know about local providers and the usual costs for services.

What do you called it if you want to be a lawyer in house property?

You would be a lawyer specializing in real estate law.

How do real estate business make their money?

In some cases, real estate agents are employed by, and paid a salary by, their broker.

How much is a real estate developers salary?

3 dollars

What is the salary of a residential real estate appraiser in ca?


How do you get a real estate commission returned to you if your realtor did not do their job?

you go to the real estate board (in the local yellow pages), make a complaint, and also make a complaint with the real estate company the agent works for. then you contact a real estate lawyer and get his opinion.

How much salary does a real estate assistant make?

about $14 to $16 for a good one. I am an assistant to a real estate broker and I am also licensed to sell, so I make commission as well. My average income is $32 to 40K annually.

How much can a real estate salesperson earn in New York?

The salary of a real estate agent in New York ranges from $55,000 to $107,000.

Where can I find a Real Estate attorney in Florida?

If you cannot find an appropriate Real Estate lawyer using a local directory than perhaps searching might help. Simply click the Lawyer directory and then choose Real Estate as the specified attorney type and Florida as the State. It breaks it down by common Florida cities and counties to make finding a lawyer fast and simple. Go to this website and click on the city you're interested in: