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35 ppt

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The average salinity of ocean water is what?

Salinity of the ocean water is defined as the dissolved salt content in a body of water. The salinity of the ocean is 3.5%, the salinity increases as you approach the equator and decreases as you approach the poles.

What is the average salinity of the earth's ocean?


Where is the earths salinity the greatest?

ocean because the ocean or you could say the sea is filled with salt water. :)

The average salinity of ocean water is?

About 3.5% About 3.5%

What is the average salinity of the open ocean?

35 ppt

How does salinity vary in the oceans?

Salinity is below average in places where large amounts of fresh water enters the ocean. Salinity tends to be above average in the areas that are extremely hot or cold. Salinity may also be above average in polar waters.

On average how does the salinity of the Arctic Ocean in the winter compare to its salinity in the summer?

the salinity is 103967 per liter to 235356 per liter btw this is wrong

The average ocean salinity is less than 4 percent?


What is the average salinity of ocean water?

97% for salt water, and 3% for fresh water in ocean water

What is the average salinity percentage in the dead sea and how does it compare to the earths oceans?

Malum nahi yaar

How does salinity create ocean currents?

how does salinity create ocean currents

Average salinity of the arctic ocean?

its 20 ppt (parts per thousand)

What is the average amount of salt in the ocean?

Salinity lies between 3% and 5%

What are three areas in the ocean where salinity may be less than average?

Where a major river enters. Where a large glacier enters. Where an ice shelf is melting. Upon reflection, about one half of the ocean will have a salinity less than the average.

True or False The average ocean salinity is less than 4 percent?


The average salinity of the world ocean?

the average is 35 ppt. varies from 32-37 ppt. hope this helps.

What is hypersaline?

Hypersaline refers to a body of water that has about 40 parts per mil salinity which is much higher than the salinity for average ocean water which is about 35 parts per mil salinity.

What role does salinity play in ocean currents?

The role salinity plays in ocean currents is in shaping them.

How does salinity effect ocean currents?

Salinity plays the role of helping to circulate the ocean currents

Why is the salinity of the red sea higher then the average ocean salinity?

The Red Sea has a high salinity because it has no river to supply it with freshwater and since it is so hot there, there is fast evaporation and very little precipitation.

Salinity in open-ocean zone?

Salinity is the saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of water.The average ocean salinity is 35 ppt. This number varies between about 32 and 37 ppt. Rainfall, evaporation, river runoff, and ice formation cause the variations. For example, the Black Sea is so diluted by river runoff, its average salinity is only 16 ppt.

Which is the ocean with the lowest salinity?

Arctic ocean

What are the two factors that affect the salinity of ocean water?

The temperature and the minerals in the ocean are the two factors that affect salinity of ocean water.

The salinity of the ocean?

You could increase the salinity of the ocean by adding salt or removing water (ie: by evaporation).

What instrument measures the salinity of Ocean Water?

The Salinometer or the Barometer is used to measure the salinity of the Ocean water.