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the maximum score is 800 therefore the average should be half of that which is 400. A good score actually depends on the college you are applying to some colleges take as low as 420, but the best universities like Harvard, Princeton etc accept 600-800.So you should pretty much set a 600 goal line for each section.

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Q: What is the average score for each section of the SAT and what is a good score for each section of the SAT?
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Is 1480 a good SAT score?

The average SAT score is about 1500. That's roughly 500 points per section.

What is a good score for an IQ test?

The average score on an IQ test is about 100. If you score higher than that, your score will be above average.

Is 590 a bad score in a math sat?

The national average, per section, is 500. Above average, but really, your scores are good or bad dependent upon where you are applying.

Is 950 a good SAT score?

No 950 is not a very good SAT score. The average combined score on the SAT score is 1500.

Is a 123 IQ test score good for a 12yr old?

Yes, that is a good score and a bit above average. Anything score between 90 to 110 is average.

Is a 130 IQ score a good one?

Yes, it is a very good score!!! The average is 100

Is 1050 a good SAT score for 1997?

It is almost exactly average. The average score in 1997 was 1016.

Is A 657credit score good?

Its right above average, the average is 650...

What can you score on a sat?

Your SAT score is out of 2400. Each section is scored out of 800 points. I'm in year six my Sat results have came i IV got 6A and my score is 2200/2400 i hope you do well good luck for now

How good is a 2040 sat score?

Average score is 1540, best possible score is 2400, so 2040 is above average but not considered great.

Is 97 a good IQ score?

An IQ score of 97 is just below average.

Is 520 a good score for the GED test?

Yeah 450 is around an average score.

Is 626 a good credit score?

580-679 is considered an average FICO score

Is 99 a good IQ score?

The average score is 100, so you have an average IQ.

Is 107 a good IQ score for a 12 year old?

Yes, that is a good average score. A person with an IQ between 90 and 110 is considered average.

Is 17 a good ACT score?

That depends on if it is a composite score or a score on one particular section of the ACT. See the Related Link for more information.

Is 113 a good IQ score for a 28 year-old female?

This is an okay score. The average score for anyone is about 100. Good scores are 130+.

Is 122 good IQ for a 10 year old girl?

An IQ score of 122 is an above average IQ score. It is, thus, a good score.

Is 206 a good map test score in 4th grade?

It is a pretty good score. You will have to check with the state percentiles, but that's an average score. No worrying.

How may numeric keystroke per minute is a good score?

Numeric keystroke per minute that is considered to be a good score will vary. On average, 160 keystrokes per minute is a good score and anything above this is above average.

Is 95 is a good score for a student 12 years old?

A score of 95 is average intelligence.

Is 112 a good IQ score for a twenty year old?

Yes, your score is above average.

What is the average UK cat score?

Between 500-700600 is therefore a good score to achieve.

Is 135 a good IQ score?

The average IQ is 100. 135 is an Excellent IQ score

Is 112 a good IQ score for a thirty year old?

Yes, that score is above average.