What is the average size of an animal cell?

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The typical animal cell is between 10 and 100 micro meters. However, muscle cells can be as large as 100 um by 30 cm!
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What are animal cells?

Answer . \nAn animal cell is a form of eukaryotic cell which make up many tissues in animals. The animal cell is distinct from other eukaryotes, most notably plant cells, as they lack cell walls, chloroplasts and vacuoles. Due to the lack of a rigid cell wall, animal cells appear to be circular ( Full Answer )

What is a animal cell?

The answer to this question is that an animal cell is cell that performes sexual reproduction..

What is an animal cell?

An animal cell is a cell within a human and an animal. Is has a Nucleus, Cell Membrane, Cell Wall, Ribosomes, Golgi Apparatus, Lysomes and a Vacuole.

What size are cells?

Type your answer here... cells can come in all shapes and size and some cells you cant even see with your own eyes.1-100µm is the normal size of one plant and animal cell

What is an average size?

The average size of an object depends on what the object is. Theaverage size of an American male is 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds.

What is animal cell?

Animal cells are refered to as eukaryotic cells. Eukaryotic cells are about 15 times wider than a typical prokaryote (plant cell) and can be as much as 1000 times greater in volume. The major difference between prokaryotes (plant cells) and eukaryotes is that eukaryotic cells contain membrane-bound ( Full Answer )

What size is the average size for a tabby cat?

'Tabby' is a coat pattern and not a breed, but I'm guessing you're meaning a Domestic Shorthair. They are medium (your average cat size), averaging about 4kg in weight. However, because Domestic Shorthairs come in a range of sizes and shapes, this will not be a healthy weight for all of them.

Are plant or animals cells larger in size?

plant cells are usually bigger than animal cells plant cells can range from 10 to 100 micrometers where as animal cells range from 10 to 30 micrometers :) hope this helps

What is the size of a cell?

it can not be measured but it is scientifically explained that a cell is very tiny that it can only be seen through a microscope..

What is cell animation?

\nDrawings are made on transparent sheets (celluloid) which may then be laid on top of each other to combine characters and backgrounds

What is animal cells?

Animal cell use the food to make energy they need to reproduce.. the animal cell is distinct.

What does an animal cell have?

an animal cell have:. cell membrane. ribosomes. nucleus. endoplasmic reticulum. Golgi apparatus. vacuoles. mitochondria. cytoskeleton. these are what the plant cell have:. cell membrane. ribosomes. nucleus. endoplasmic reticulum. Golgi apparatus. vacuoles. mitochondria. cytoskeleton ( Full Answer )

What cells do animals have?

Animal cells have many different parts. They have vacuoles,centrioles, cytoplasm, ribosomes, and a cell membrane. Animal cellsalso have an endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, a golgiapparatus, microtubules, a nucleus and cilia.

Do animals have cells?

Yes. All living things have cells, Including plants. And so cell is known as basic unit of life. Yes, all living things are made of one or many cells.

Animal cells have?

Animal cells have a nucleus, cilia, vacuoles, centrioles,cytoplasm, and ribosomes. Animal cells also have mitochondria,golgi apparatus, a cell membrane, microtubules, and an endoplasmicreticulum.

What is the average size of human cell?

The average size of a human cell varies quite a lot. a single nerve cell can be up to a meter long while a cheek cell averages about 50 micrometers or .05 mm. the average cell though is between 10 micrometers and 100 micrometers

How do plant animal and bacterial cells compare in size?

The cells of plants and animals are extensively larger than thecells of bacteria. Animal cells average about 10 to 30 micrometers,plant cells between 10 and 100 micrometers while bacterial cellsare 2 micrometers.

What is the size of animal cell?

well it depends on what can of cell i know that it is a animal cell but not every body cell is not the same size.. well it depends on what can of cell i know that it is a animal cell but not every body cell is not the same size..

What does the animal cell have in it?

A vacuole, nucleos, cell membrane, lysosomes,nucleus, nucleolus, centrosome, cytoplasm, nuclear membrane, mitochondria, ribosomes, Golgi body and smooth and rough E.R. (endoplasmic reticulum) p.s. i am 13 and this is one of the easiest questions to answer

What is an animation cell?

A cel , short for celluloid , is a transparent sheet on which objects are drawn or painted for traditional, hand-drawn animation .

What is a cell of an animal?

all cells hane a nucleus, a cell membrane and a cytoplasm; . cytoplasm contains food inthe form of grains . nucleus contains dna . cell membrane covers the outside of the cell.

What is the cell animation?

The cell animation is the way the cell is built up I thought Cel animation was the old-fashioned hand drawn animation.

Are there animals with out cells?

There is no living thing that does not have cells (unless your talking about cell phones, most animals don't have those)

Why is it impossible for a one-celled animal to reach a size larger than 1000um?

This answer revolves around Surface-area to volume reatio. Volume of a cell always increases faster then the SA. THis limits cells size because the plama membrane can not withhold such a large mass. the SA cannot be larger than 1000 um and the cell membrane still perform all the necessary processes ( Full Answer )

What is the average size of a protista cell?

The average size of a Protista cell is between 10 and 100 micrometers. A Protista cell is a classification of organisms thatinclude both single and multicellular organisms.

Animals cells do not have?

I'm going to assume that you are actually trying to ask "What do animal cells do not have that plant cells do?" The answer is cell walls and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what is in plant cells have that converts sun light into energy. Cell walls, on the other hand give the plant cells their structure ( Full Answer )

What is the average mass of an animal cell?

A typical cell mass is 1 nanogram, but all cells are different sizes and masses. For example, the largest known cell is that of an unfertilized ostrich egg cell. The smallest knwon independent cell is that of Nanoarchaeum equitans.

What is the average size of cell organelles?

Cell (per side) 50 um . Nucleus (diameter) 7 um . Cell membrane 7 nm thick . Endoplasmic reticulum .2 um, each layer (.1 umbetween) . Golgi complex 7 nm thick, each layer . Ribosomes 30 nm in diameter . Nucleolus 2.5 um in diameter . Cell wall 2 um thick . Mitochondria 1 x 3 um . L ( Full Answer )

Animal cell do not have?

The main difference between animal and plant cells are a lack of a cell wall in animal cells.

What is the average size of animals in the ocean?

Based on shear biomass the average size of ocean animals is actually quite small since diatoms, krill and similar organisms make up the highest percentage of the ocean biomass.

How do plant and animal cells increase in size?

They can expand or shrink depending on the conditions of the body they are within, if they shrink they have a lack of necessities; but if they expand they may burst due to an over-abundance of necessities.

Are plant and animal cells generally the same size as bacteria?

No, plant and animal cells are typically larger than bacteria. Plant and animal cells can vary in size by a large margin, but they are generally in the 10 - 100 micrometer range, unlike bacteria, which usually fall within 1 - 5 micrometers.

Are animal cells and plant cells the same size?

No...... plant cells and animal cells are not the same size. They are very different from one another like the animal cell is round while the plant cell is rectangular the plant cell is larger because it needs more than us animals do therefore when you look at them they look much different in size.

How does the size of the differ between plant and animal cells?

animal cells have basically a shape that's very odd almost resembles to a mess up circle, plant cells have a rectangular shape. (to observe the cells, think about typing into a search engine and look for images of both animal and plant cells to make the comparison yourself.)

Can an animal be a cell?

Yes. Among the simplest of the life forms are the protozoa, proto- (first) and -zoa (animals). They consist of a single cell. There are free-living forms, such as amoebas and Paramecia , while others live in other animals and may be parasitic such as Giardi a, which is an intestinal parasite of hu ( Full Answer )