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3.5 MBs but that really is an average. some songs are alot more and some are less.

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Q: What is the average size of an mp3 file?
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What is average size of a downloaded song?

The average song size on an mp3 file is 3 - 7mb.

Which is smaller in size a wav file or a MP3 file?

No doubt, an Mp3 file is more smaller in size than a WAV. In terms of quality WAV format has more sound quality. Converting WAV to Mp3 reduces the size by 1/12 of the original size.

What determines the size of an mp3 file?

megabytes mb

How many MP3 files on 16MB?

It depends on the size of the mp3 file. They can range from 2MB to 10MB. So obviously if the average size of your files is 2MB you'll get about 8 files, and if it's 4MB you'll barely get 2 files !

What is the relation between bitrate and compression?

A MP3 file is actually a compressed WAV file. The compression is: WAV file size / MP3 file size Bitrate is the amount of kBits a mp3 file uses in 1 second. So a 320kB/s file uses 320kBit in 1 second(or 40kBytes/s) The relation is that if the bitrate gets bigger, the compression get's lower.

How long does it take to send an MP3?

The time it takes to send a file containing an MP3 will depend on a number of factors including the overall speed of your ISP and the size of the MP3 file. Dial up service would be the slowest to send a MP3 with.

Will it take a long time to convert wav to mp3?

The length of time needed to convert a wav file to an mp3 file is dependant upon the size of the file and the size of the file is determined by the quality of the recording and the length. A good quality converter will convert a single file in less than one minute.

What is file extension FOR mp3?


How can you convert a gp5 file to mp3 file?

Just Export as MIDI file.. Then, convert MIDI file to Mp3 file.

How do you convert an mp3 file in PHP?

PHP is a web page command file format, mp3 is an audio file format.So there is no conversion, as the PHP file leads you to the mp3 file location.

How can I convert a wav to mp3?

Well, I would recommend converting wav files to mp3 files with a wav file to mp3 file converter. There are many wav file to mp3 file converters offered for use.

How do you convert mp3 file to wav file?

To convert MP3 files to WAV, make use of Media.IO. Select the MP3 file and upload. Media.IO will automatically convert the file.

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