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What is the average size of green algae?

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Depending on what kind of Green Algae it is, it can grow up to 30cm in length.

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How big are green algae in water?

Same size as of water.

Green algae often differ from land plants in that some green algae?

Some green algae are unicellular

What are different types of algae?

Some of the types of algae are staghorn algae, black brush or beard algae, green spot algae, and green thread hair algae. Other types of algae are green water algae, and black green algae.

What is the size of algae?

The fresh water green algae (charales), can reach up to 120 cm long. Hope that helps.

What is the difference between blue-green algae and green algae?

Blue green algae is otherwise called cyanobacteria (bacterial classification- prokaryote), green algae is eukaryotic. The pigment present in blue green algae is phycocyanin and chlorophyll in case of green algaeBlue green algaes kingdom is moneran and green algae is not moneran.

Are green algae alive?


Information about bgablue green algae?

blue green algae

What are examples of green algae?

green algae is the most beautiful algae in the worl like in japan

Are algae and green algae the same?

no \

Is green algae unicellular?

Like plants, green algae are multicellular.

How does green algae eat?

Green algae eats by sucking in nutrients

Where is the green algae belong?

green algae belong to plant kingdom

Is green algae a comsumer or producer?

yea green algae is a producer

What are some foods that contain algae?

Brownie mix(red,brown algae) , cheese(green algae), coffee creamer(Red,green algae) , evaporated milk(Red algae), Ice cream(Red,green algae)

What is the difference between Black algae and green algae?

black algae's dead, and green algae is alive.

What are the colors of algae?

Green is the color of algae........ some algae are green, Red, Brown, or Golden Brown

What organisms use carbon dioxide as the source of their carbon?

PlantsGreen algaeblue green algaered algaegold algaeyellow algae

Green algae came from which kingdom?

Green algae belong to Kingdom Protista. Green algae is a very diverse type of algae. Actually, green algae is sort of similar to plants. The green algae contain two forms of chlorophyll and capture light energy to produce sugar in similar with the plant. However, unlike the plants the green algae are aquatic. The species are named algae because they are aquatic and make their own food.

Euglena differs from most green algae in having what?

an euglena has a flagellum and a green algae is green

Is algae in the rainforest green?

I think algae is green anywhere ... but there may be subspecies of algae that are in the rainforest. Wouldn't it be funny if there was rainbow colored algae?

Who found out about algae?

Who Discovered Algae. Who Discovered The Philippine Blue Green Algae? ... Gregorio Velasquez is the one who discovered the blue green algae

Why is algae green in color?

In short, due to chlorophyll. There are also red algae, so not all algae are green.

What is the first unicellular organism?

Blue-green algae Blue-green algae

Is green algae partly living?

Green algae is fully a living organism.

Is green algae unicellular or multicellular?

Green Algae is both unicellular and multicellular