What is the average speed mph of male ejaculation?


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The average speed of a male ejaculation is 28 mph!!!

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If the average male could run a mile in 6 minutes, that would put the speed at 10 MPH. 5 minutes, 12 MPH 4 minutes, 14 MPH and so on

Average speed is 50 mph [(40+60)/2].

An average male can run up to 24 mphand an female can run up to a speed of 22 mphso a human can run up to about 25 mph for an average person

The average wind speed in a tornado is likely around 80 mph. The average traveling speed is around 30 mph.

Yes, because average speed is all of the different speeds added together and then divided by how many speeds there are (ex: 70 mph + 60 mph = 130 mph. 130 mph divided by 2 = 65 mph (which is the average speed)) and speed is just how fast an object is moving (ex: 80 mph is the speed of something going 80 mph).

The land speed record for a crocodile on land is 11 MPH but the average speed is about 7 MPH.

it goes at the average speed of 80 mph

Average speed of a comet is about 6 mph.

Meerkats average speed is about 20 mph

Motorcycle mph varies from make & model. The average speed of a motorcycle ranges from 180 mph up to about 395 mph.

The average speed of an [average] hamster = 1.2 mph

the average speed of a 110cc engine is 65+ mph

08 Average speed was 143.567 mph with pole speed of 226.366 mph.

Well pitbulls can up to 30 mph but they average speed would be 25-30 mph Well pitbulls can up to 30 mph but they average speed would be 25-30 mph

Average Top Spin Ground stroke speed is 62 MPH on the pro tour, and average Slice speed is 46 MPH. some ground strokes have reached above 105 MPH, But on average rally speed is 62 MPH Tennis Professional J R A

Assuming no accelerate or decelerate figures, the average speed is 48 MPH.

One hour if you drive at an average speed of 63 mph.Half an hour if you drive at an average speed of 126 mph.Two hours if you drive at an average speed of 31.5 mph.

A curveball is faster. Average speed for curveball ~85 mph. Average speed knuckleball ~65 mph.

Yes. For example, if you drive exactly 65 MPH consisently for an hour, your average speed will also be 65 MPH.

A jogger's average speed is (the total distance he travels) divided by (the time he spends jogging). While moving, the average jogger's speed is between 3 mph and 10 mph.

The ball itself can travel as fast as a force exerted on it can send it. This can range from 1 mph to 1,000 mph. An average first serve speed for male professional tennis players is about 120 mph, but it has been observed to be as fast as 155 mph (Andy Roddick, USA). Likewise, a male professional player's second serve speed can vary, but it is on average about 92 mph. An average male professional tennis player's shot speed is about 70 mph, with fast-paced winners increasing to speeds up to 110 mph (although it can be higher on rare occasions). Obviously, each shot can vary in speed depending on the kind of shot being hit, the speed of the ball before it makes contact with the racquet (depending on whether the shot is a return of the opponent's shot or not), whether the player is male or female, the player's age, the player's experience, and the player's physique. Reiterating the basic answer to the original question, there is no limit to the speed a tennis ball can travel.

the average speed of a hockey puck is 80-90 mph but when its shot to the goal it can excess a speed of 100 mph or more

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