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What is the average speed of electricity?

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There are three different speeds here.The average speed of electrons - whether there is a current or not - is a significant fraction of the speed of light. That speed depends on the temperature. (The average VELOCITY of course is zero if there is no current, since as many electrons will go in one direction as in another.)

The drift velocity (the average velocity) of the electrons is a small fraction of a millimeter per second. The exact value depends on the current, the cross section, and the material.

The speed at which a signal can propagate in copper is about 2/3 of the speed of light in a vacuum - so, about 200,000 km/second. It is this speed that makes your light react quickly when you activate a switch.

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Is the speed of electricity faster than the speed of light?

We generally consider that the force of an electric field moves at the speed of light. And electricity moves at the speed of light.

Is electricity as fast as light?

No; while the speed of light is a constant, the speed of electricity is dependant on many cofactors.

What is speed electricity?

Approximately the same as the speed of light.

What is the average electricity bill for people in Britain?

The average electricity consumption is 4,800 kWh per is average UK electricity bill is £669.60

When are speed and average speed the same?

Average speed is an average value of speed over a given time. If your speed is constant (not changing), then your average speed will equal your speed at any given moment in time.

What is the minimum speed of the 6v motor to produce electricity?

The minimum speed of 6v motor to produce electricity is 15 Mph.

Is average speed the same as speed?

Average Speed is different from average speed becoz speed is particular while avera speed is the total distance divided from time

What is average speed and how is it different from speed?

the average speed is the speed you calculated when you have different speeds at different points or distances. It is different from speed because average speed has many speeds averaged into one speed ..while speed is specifically only one. Speed is instantaneous speed, whereas average speed is the average of the instantaneous speeds over an interval (time).

How do you find the average speed of an object?

Average distance ______________ = Average Speed Average time

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what is the average speed of a gecko

What is the average electricity bill in Ohio?

The average electricity bill in Ohio varies depending on the type of home you live in. The average electricity bill can range from $30 for an apartment to $90.

What is the speed of electricity or lightning compared to the speed of sound and light?

The speed of lightning is somewhere between that of light and sound which is why most scientists would agree that the speed of light and the speed of sound make a good comparison to that of lightning and electricity.

Why is the speed of electricity not equal to the speed of light?

Because electricity is the movement and flow of electrons, which are matter. Since they are matter, they cannot reach the speed of light.AnswerBy the 'speed of electricity' you presumably mean the 'speed of charges through a conductor'? (Remember 'electricity' is not a quantity!). The answer is that they move through a conductor v-e-r-y slowly -for normal conductors, just a fraction of a millimetre per second!

Average speed is indicated on the speedometer?

I would call it current speed, not average speed.

What is the difference between instantaneous speed and average speed?

Instantaneous speed is the speed at a particular moment in time.The average speed of an object tells you the (average) rate at which it covers distance

Formula for average speed?

average speed = distance / time

What are nonexamples of average speed?

Methamphetamine is a nonexample of average speed.

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For the instantaneous value of average velocity, average speed and average velocity are equal.

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velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

What is the average amount of electricity utilized per month?

The average amount of electricity for 2 people is156 kWh's on average per month

Why do you use average speed?

The concept of average speed is somewhat simpler than "instantaneous speed".

What is the average sailboat speed?

Hi There is not an average speed. It depends on the length and wind direction and speed

At what speed does computers send information?

Depending on the connection type the speed can vary, but usually it is the speed of electricity.

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