What is the average starting salary for a psychologist?

A Ph.D. in Psychology makes $35,000- $75,000. As you can see this is a large gap which is very dependent upon the field of psychology that you enter. http://research.apa.org/doctoralsal01.html

Psychologists working in a private practice in Canada or the U.S. (those who are self-employed) can make more, depending on the type of work they do, how many individuals, groups, or organizations they work with, and their hourly rate. For example, in British Columbia most psychologists in private practice charge $160/hour for a therapy session.

Keep in mind that the word "Psychologist" is a legally protected term in most states and Canadian provinces. This means that having a Ph.D. in psychology does not qualify you to use the term "Psychologist"; individuals must pass exams, often a combination of written and oral exams, as well as pass a stringent credential review, to obtain Registration or Licensure as a Psychologist. Many states and provinces require a Ph.D. in order to provide this Licensure or Registration; a few will register individuals at the Master's level.