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What is the average temperature of a pyramid a cube and a cylinder made out of soft clay?

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The temperature of three different constructs of clay won't vary according to the shape of the construct. If the clay is at room temerature, the shapes will be at room temperature with possibly some very small variation from the hands of the person working the clay.

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How much degrees is the average temperature of clay cylinders?

Average Temperature The average temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you make a Egyptian pyramid out of clay?

well you use clay, paper, and scissor

What was the Egyptian pyramid made of?

The egyption Pyramid is maily made out of limestone, granite, and clay.

Can you fire wire in a clay sculpture?

This depends on he melting temperature of the wire that you are using. It also depends on the firing temperature of the clay. If the melting temperature of the wire is higher than the firing temperature of the clay, then wire can be added to a clay piece.

How do you build a model pyrimid out of clay?

you can make alot of clay bricks then stack them in a pyramid formation.

Can you make a pyramid out of clay?

depends but usually yes

Can you show me a picture of a finished clay pyramid?

No but the website in the links can

Why is a sphere easier to make with clay than a pyramid?

It is easy to make a sphere into clay because the clay you just have to roll it and make it soft so it does not fall.

What is the material used to fill in the bottom of the pyramid?

mud, clay, or stone

How do you make a model pyramid from clay?

first you start getting clay from a art craft store it has to be brown and make a square like the pyramid and then you make a big hole in side and you may put mummyes inside

How many balls of clay and straws are needed to make a hexagonal pyramid?


What is a good material to make a pyramid for a school project?

legos Card, Clay

What large pyramid-temples did the Sumerians build using clay?


What is the firing temperature for clay pottery?

Low temperature clay could be fired at 1000 degrees celsius. High temperature clays should be fired at about 1225 to 1250 degrees celsius.

What temperature do you bake modeling clay?


What is the state of clay at room temperature?


What is the bent pyramid made of?

It is made out of limestone blocks and desert clay. anyways hi.

What color is a pyramid?

Well it depends what the pyramid is made out of. If it was mad out of mud and clay like in the Biblical days, well it would an orange tan colour.

What kiln temperature used to fire clay?

what temp and how long does it take to fire clay in a kiln?

What covered the outside of a pyramid?

sand of course man you're DUMB & it was also clay and brick

What is Zia in the red pyramid?

Zia is a shabti (clay figure) in basicly all but one chapter.

What is the state of matter of clay at room temperature?


What is clay tringle used for?

Do you mean clay triangle? This is used in the Chemistry Laboratory for holding a clay crucible when heating substances to high temperature to melt them.

What temperature does clay harden at?

Any temperature but for best results in a hot spot or freezing spot. Make sure you don't freeze the clay, burn it or crack it. Certain clays have to be at certain temperatures. All clay s different.

What is the pyramid of cheops built from?

he pyramid is predominately made of limestone blocks weighing an average of 2.5 tons. This was quarried locally at the base of the pyramid. The waste material from this quarrying was mixed with Tafla (a type of clay) and used to make the ramps used in the construction of the pyramid. There is some evidence to suggest that some of the quarries were filled in with the material from the dismantled ramps when the pyramid was completed. The linings for the passageways and the burial chambers were made from Granite brought from Aswan 400 miles upriver from Giza. The pyramid originally had a smooth casing of white stone from Tura on the east bank of the Nile.