What is the average traveling distance for a horse?


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Horses have been the tried and true method of traveling in the days before cars, alongside of oxen and mules.

When traveling long distances on a horse, the standard was to have a horse breed and trained for such a purpose and be within the proper age to travel (not to young, not to old).

When these conditions were met, the average is true:

At a good trot gait intermixed with slower 'resting' pace, while traveling in good conditions on good terrain, a horse could travel for 8 hours (with frequent rests) at around an average of between 3 mph (walk) to 8 mph (trot).

Many would consider 25-30 miles in a day a successful day of travel. If conditions are PERFECT and the horse is well rested, there have been days where a horse can exceed 60 miles of travel.


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