What is the average traveling distance for a horse?

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Horses have been the tried and true method of traveling in the days before cars, alongside of oxen and mules.

When traveling long distances on a horse, the standard was to have a horse breed and trained for such a purpose and be within the proper age to travel (not to young, not to old).

When these conditions were met, the average is true:

At a good trot gait intermixed with slower 'resting' pace, while traveling in good conditions on good terrain, a horse could travel for 8 hours (with frequent rests) at around an average of between 3 mph (walk) to 8 mph (trot).

Many would consider 25-30 miles in a day a successful day of travel. If conditions are PERFECT and the horse is well rested, there have been days where a horse can exceed 60 miles of travel.
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Race horses travel overseas in airplanes. They used to travel over seas in boats, but that's to dangerous/risky/and slow right now.

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There are several ways that horses can be moved. Horse vans are probably the most common. But some still can go by rail and although its expensive horses can be flown via jet plane.

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They usually just eat hay in their trailer to keep them occupied. I'm sure that's the same when they travel on an airplane.

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