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the average underarm is 97.8
Add 1 degree Fahrenheit to an axillary or underarm temperature to get actual body temp aka core temp.

97.6 under the arm is normal since a 98.6 temp is a normal core temp. Usually a core temp is considered a fever at 100.5 and greater.

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Do you add a degree when taking temperature underarm?

yes, add one degree when taking underarm temperature

What is the average underarm temperature for a 5 year old?

A child's body temperature is the same as an adult's body temperature. A normal oral temperature is 98.6 degrees. Forehead or underarm temperature is normally one degree less because it is more exposed to the air which results in less than a core-body temperature, so a normal forehead or underarm temp can be around 97.6. Note: A high underarm temp should be re-checked orally to confirm a fever. For example, if a forehead or underarm temp is 100.8, the oral temp is likely 101.8. Rectal temp is sometimes preferred to give a more accurate reading.

What do you use for temperature under the arm pit?

You can use a regular thermometer probe to take a underarm (axillary) temperature.

Is underarm temperature higher or lower than oral?

Yes. Add one degree for oral conversion.

Do you do over arm or underarm in the modified softball game?


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What is normal axillary body temp adult?

97.2o F. On average, underarm-measured human body temperature is about about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit less than the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees F., so that would be 97.2 degrees. (That's about 37.3 degrees Centigrade/Celsius.) The reason for the inexactness and confusion on this matter is simply that underarm measurements are very hard to obtain accurately. So some will say to add--conveniently--1 degree to an axillary temperature reading, while others say add up to 1.8 degrees (in Fahrenheit).

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