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.5 meters per second.

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Q: What is the average velocity of a person who runs five meters in ten seconds?
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Can a person walk 100 meters in 20 seconds?

probably not because the average person runs 100 meters in 20-25 seconds, a person will be lucky to sprint it in under 20 seconds

If a person runs at a speed of 4 meters per second How far will the person travel in 40 seconds?

(4 meters/second)(40 seconds) = 160 meters.

What is the velocity of a person walking 6.9 meters south in 3 seconds?

Just divide the distance by the time. The answer is in meters/second. If you want to convert that to the more commonly used kilometers/hour, multiply the number of meters/second by 3.6.

Which is faster a person who covered 10 meters in 5 seconds or the one who covered 20 meters in 10 seconds?

They are the same .

What is the average reaction time of an average person?

2.5 seconds

Who was travelling faster than the other a person who covered 10 meters in 5 seconds or the one who took 10 seconds to cover 20 meters?

Someone traveling 10 meters in 5 seconds is moving at the same speed as the one going 20 meters in 10 seconds.

What is the speed of a walking person in meters per seconds if the person travels 1000 meters in 20 minutes?

(1,000 meters/20 minutes) x (1 minute/60 seconds) = 5/6 meter per second

How would it take for the average person to walk thirty seconds?

30 seconds...

What is the velocity of someone going north on main street for 1800 m then south on main street for 2200 m and the total time is 400 seconds?

The person travels a total of 4000 m in 400 seconds, so their average speed is 10m/s. However velocity is a vector quantity, and is defined as displacement/time. The total displacement is only 400 m, so the average velocity is just 1m/s.

How many seconds does an average person live for?

The average lifespan in the US is 78.4 years, which is 41,235,264 minutes, or 2,474,115,840 seconds.

When a person steps off a 12 foot diving board with 0 intitial velocity how many seconds does it take to reach the water?

0.8633 seconds

How long will it take a person to climb the stairs of a tower that is 443 meters tall and the person climbs 0.60 meters per second?

443/0.6 = 7381/3 seconds = 12 minutes 181/3 seconds

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