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$350 to 375!

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Q: What is the average weekly unemployment check in New York?
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How much will new york unemployment pay you?

Unemployment compensation is usually based on how much you were making when you were employed (up to some maximum benefit amount). The calculation is often fairly complicated, so your best bet is to contact the state unemployment office and check with them in your particular case what your weekly benefit would be.

How much is the weekly unemployment in New York state?

States do not release weekly but monthly. New Yorks current rate is 4.9%. .1% lower than the national rate.

How do you compute new york state weekly unemployment benefits?

look on the state website for their booklet showing how the calculation is done

How difficult is it to apply for unemployment online?

If you have been laid off from your job you may be able to file for unemployment online without visiting an unemployment office. In many states, unemployed workers can apply for unemployment benefits online or over the phone. In New York, for example, can visit Unemployment Services web site to file a new unemployment claim, claim weekly benefits, or check on the status of an existing unemployment compensation claim. Filing by phone is also an option.

Can you collect unemployment while getting weekly severance pay in state of New York?

Yes, you can, according to the Related Link below.

How long does unemployment last in new york state?

How much? In general, unemployment benefits are based on an individual's earnings in the base period. As of December, 2008, NY benefits ranged from $40 to $405. New York state unemployment benefits are subject to Federal income taxes, and you may elect to have taxes withheld from your unemployment check. How soon? Across the United States, it generally takes two to three weeks to receive your first benefit check after you file your claim. Check with your state unemployment office for details. How long? As of December, 2008, The duration of NY unemployment benefits was 26 weeks, but benefits can be extended by New York during times of high unemployment or other special circumstances.

How much do you get paid for new york state unemployment benefits?

i dont really know but when my father got hurt doing construction he got paid $450 weekly.

What is the average weekly income of 2008 in US?

Lots of people say different things. I've heard some people say that to find the average weekly income anywhere in the U.S. is impossible. I found this site interesting, but it might not answer your question:

Can you collect unemployment if you are age 62?

I was layed off one month after my 62nd birthday and I am collecting unemployment. I live in New York so it is legal here. Check with your state unemployment office as all states have different laws and regulations.

How much is the weekly unemployment benefit in New York city?

New York State benefits, as of July 2011, are $405/week. See the Related Link below. The maximum benefits ate $405 per week and the maximum paid in a benefit year (52 weeks) is 26 times the full weekly benefit.

Are there any job centers in western New York?

If you would like information about jobs in Western New York the best thing to do is to check Monster website. You can also check the unemployment office website for available jobs in the area.

I live in Connecticut and work in New York. Do I collect unemployment benefits from New York or Connecticut?

Generally, unemployment benefits are paid by the state in which you worked. If you live in Connecticut and work in New York you most likely collect unemployment benefits from the state of New York.

Can you get unemployment if you receive lump sum severance pay in New York State?

Yes. But check the Related Link below for clarification.

How can you collect unemployment in New York?

You can't collect unemployment. It's impossible.

How much New York state unemployment can you collect?

According to page 4 in the Handbook in the Related Link below, depending on your qualifications, the maximum weekly benefit is $405.

If you quit your job in New York state because of husbands job transfer to Georgia can you collect unemployment if you can not find a job?

No, I don't think so. You quit a job and that is why I say you can't. Check with the unemployment office.

If you are collecting New York State unemployment benefits and you move to New Jersey can you continue to collect New York unemployment benefits?

Yes, go to the website for out of state applicants. You can collect from any state as long as the majority of your work or enough of the work that is being used to calculate your unemployment wages is in NYS. Check their website or call. They will be able to help get you lined up.

How do you figure how much unemployment you will get in Illnois?

The state handbook provides that: "Your weekly benefit rate is one twenty-sixth (1/26) of the high quarter wages paid to you in your base period. Exception: If your high quarter wages are $3,575 or less, your weekly benefit rate is one twenty-fifth of your high quarter wages. Wages are applied to the quarter in which they are paid. The maximum rate is $405." You can finds links to the handbook and other New York unemployment resources at:

Can you file unemployment at the New York unemployment office?

Yes, you can visit your local New York unemployment office and apply for your benefits. You can find your local NY office by searching the site at the Related Link.

If you live in New York and work in New York where do you file an unemployment claim?

New York.

Where is the Queens NY unemployment office located?

There is no unemployment office located in Queens, NY. The closest office would be the Unemployment Insurance Services in Brooklyn or the New York Department of Labor in New York, NY.

Where is unemployment office in Buffalo New York?

Erie, New York (Buffalo's county) and all the other county unemployment offices locations for New York state are in the Related Link below

Can you receive both unemployment and Social Security benefits in New York?

Yes, you can receive both Unemployment Insurance benefits and Social Security in New York.

What is the average food bill for a single person in new york city?

The average food bill for a single person in New York City can vary greatly depending on the types of food eaten. Someone who is trying to live inexpensively would average a 50.00 dollar weekly food bill.

Can you receive unemployment benefits in New York if you receive Social Security benefits?

Yes, if you meet eligibility requirements for both programs. New York repealed the Social Security offset regulations that reduced unemployment compensation for people who were claiming both benefits. Both Social Security and the State of New York allow workers to collect unemployment and Social Security at the same time without applying a penalty to either check.