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it depends on how much they eat per day

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What is ironic about the pigs gaining so much weight?

how do the pigs gain so much weight in the book animal farm.

How much weight can a pig gain in a day?

how much weight a pig will gain per day is really all up to the quality and quantity of food you feed your pigs. I feed 22% protein and i i feed them other things such as rubbish and old produce from a local market. My pigs gain an average of ne to two pounds per day.

What is average weight of a pigs heart?

The average weight of a pigs heart is roughly 3 pounds. This can vary since pigs come in micro size up to very large sized.

What is the average weight of a pig?

The average weight of a pig varies greatly. Pigs and hogs that are raised on a farm weigh an average of 1200-1500 pounds, whereas pot bellied pigs weigh an average of 70-150 pounds.

What ingredient helps pigs gain weight in pig feed?

Corn, and other stuff

What is the weight of a pig heart?

The average weight of a pigs heart is 3 pounds. This can vary slightly since pigs can be all different sizes.

What formula do you use when loading pigs?

Weight truck can carry <vs> weight of pigs

What is the average weight of a pigs liver?

The weight of a pig's liver is dependent on a variety of factors. Some of those factors include age, breed and size.

How do the pigs gain the rights to the cows milk in animal farm?

The pigs gain the rights to the cows milk by first making all the other animals leave the barn. Then the pigs simply take the milk.

What is the average weight for a pig?

the pigs that go to the fair weigh from 150- 200lbs, in the wild they weigh about 100-150.

What can potbelly pigs do?

nothing that average pigs cant do .

How do the pigs gain the rights of the cow's milk?

They don't. Pigs don't drink cow's milk.

Which is heavier a pigs head or a pigs entrails?

I believe they are about the same weight.

How long do micro pigs live?

The average age of a pet pig, if kept at a good weight and healthy is 12 - 18 years.

How many pigs does the average American eat in a lifetime?

the average American eats 28 pigs in a lifetime.

What is the top out weight for pigs?


How many in a litter of guinea pigs?

the average is 4 guinea pigs

How big was Wilbur in Charlotte's web?

in the very begining of the book he was the runt of the litter. however by the end of the book he was about average (maybe a little above average) size and weight for pigs his age.

What is a pigs weight?

150-500 pounds

On average Pigs live for how long?

pigs can live from 80 to 90 years

What is the Average size of a litter of pigs?

Pigs or guinea pigs? Guinea pigs litters' are 2-3. Pigs litters' ? pot bellies....4-12. big pigs...8-14

Was is a pig height and weight?

Adult domestic pigs weigh anywhere from 110 to 770 pounds and are 35 to 71 inches in height. The average weight is around 260 pounds. Males almost always weigh more than the females. Domestic pigs are mostly raised for their meat, called pork.

How big does a guinea pig grow to?

Guinea pigs live between 5 and 10 years on average. The average weight at birth is 85 g, and the average adult female weighs 800g. The average male adult weighs 1050 g at maturity.

How much should a pig weigh from birth o 1 year?

pigs are pretty small when they are born, because they are born in litters. litters average in number anywhere from 6 to 16 piglets. my guess is that piglets weigh around a pound each at birth. what i do know from raising pigs for 4-H and fair is that when we take pigs to fair, they are usually in the neighborhood of 150-160 days old and can be expected to weigh in around 220-275 pounds. at 150 days they are not even 6 months old. at this stage, pigs can be expected to gain around 2 pound of weight per day.

Average life expectancy of micro pigs?

Micro mini pigs can live for up to 18 years.