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at 15 Yrsyou should be 105 - 115 lbs.

at 15 you should be between 105 - 115lbs but up to 126lbs at most


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that depends, whats your height? once you know your height go onto an online weight calculator and enter your height. that gives you your weight. and then i guess just go on the internet and type up average height for an 18 year old boy :) thats what id do anyway ...

75g (thats wrong but okay...)

i dont give a fu** cuase thats just who i am

The average height of a 12 year old Asian boy is about 5' (5 feet) thats 150 centimetres.

ill say 5,7, well thats what i think... - _ -

Thats an average height for a male of that age. Bear in mind that your growth is still in process

The average weight of a 12-13 year-old girl is about 95 pounds. And the average height is around 4' 6". But it all depends on your parents genes and the traits you got from them, so don't feel bad if you're shorter, taller, less weight, or maybe more. It mainly depends on your traits and how much muscle you have. And just remember that muscle weighs more than fat. i'm twelve 5'3'' and 112 pounds thats me, im not fat and neither are you, if your happy with your height and weight then nobody elses opinion matters

I think someone thats 5'6 should way from 140-175 but thats for females not so sure about males...... Hope this helped

The recommended weight for a person at the age of 13 with 5'0 height is 95 lbs.

Well there height is 14 to 16 wwell thats it

about 4.11- 5.3 ima girl and im 4.8 and 70 lbs so thats my guess

She is described in the book as strikingly pretty. Ginny is discribed as cool and a bit of a tomboy. She has flaming red hair (thats a given for a Weasley), light brown eyes (Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 3), and freckles. She is average height and weight.

If u have a average height thats it....actually if you are like freakishly tall it is bit hard to gain strong visible ur height dosent really count if u work really hard and gain pure muscles....

Thats really tall! But it should be around 70-90 lbs i guess, since shes tall.

i have a chihuahua thats 9 years old bout a foot high and weighs less than 10 pounds :)

depends on the baby thats born

no thats mass weight is actually a force from the Earth's gravitational pull

Find the height. I believe thats how you solve it.

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