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What is the average weight of a fourth grade girl?


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The average weight of a 4th grade girl depends on her height. See the related question, further down this page, for in-depth information about weight in relation to height.


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There is no average weight. Some are larger others are smaller.

The average weight is 70-80 pounds. 90 is an OK weight, when you reach 100 its obesity. When your underweight, it can be exetremly unhealthy for a girl this age. If your daughter, sister, or even yourself is in 4th grade and is not this weight go see a doctor soon as possible it could be a early sign of an eating disorder or somthing worse. Thank you!

Hi, i don't think there should be an average weight for a grade 8th girl. Any grade actually. Beacause it depends on the body of the person. If she wus tall or short. and goes for boys too. Because, height conradicts with weight too. And some nationalities or kinds of humans are meant to be short. So, their is no average for a grade.

The average weight of a 3rd grader reigns about at 50-60 lbs.

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Basically anywhere from 85-115 lbs.

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You shoudn't be kissing in the fourth grade. yeah i totally agree!

Weight varies with height. Age and sex don't target any number.

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it depends *was he held back *acts too mature to be in the fourth grade

well no but im 4 foot ten and weigh 82 lbs so i think you should be around 80-90 lbs.

Yes. I 4th grade girl that is 4'10 should way between 80-90 lbs. More or less. It depends if this weight is muscle or fat..

i think somewhere around 120 - 200 would be the normal weight of a seventh grader.

Grade in school doesn't matter. It depends on your height.

I weigh 58 pounds and I'm in sixth grade. MY height is 4' 6''. I think i'm way under average

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It all depends on height and size and sports and bone density but the average weight can fall in between 70 and 120 punds at the usual.

no that's not heavy, that is actually the average weight for a 5th-6th grade girl.

No, wait until you are older.

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Typically, a fourth grader would start out fourth grade at the age of nine, and then turn ten during the school year or summer. I just finished fourth grade, so I would be pretty sure.

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