What is the average weight of a telephone pole?


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We were just told, by the City of Austin's utility pole contractor, that the weight of a utility pole (much like a telephone pole) is 700 pounds. Hope this information is of some help to the telephone weight query. - Austin, Texas USA

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The telephone pole may exist as a light stanchion. There are no land-line telephones in Antarctica, even on the US bases.

Which is it, a power pole or a telephone pole? Contact the company that installed it and notify them that you believe that it is misplaced. <<>> Most utility company's lease their poles to the telephone companies so that two sets of poles don't have to be run parallel to each other. This being the case the telephone lines go where the utility lines go. If on the other hand it is a private telephone pole on private property that the utility company set for you, then the onus is on you to stake the exact placement where you want the pole to go and have someone on site when the digging starts to make sure that the pole is situated where you want it.

It depends on your weight pole vaulting poles can be measured by weight and height. the highest weight pole ive seen is a 180 but it also depends on your upper body strength the tougher you are the bigger the pole you can use

Yes, The liability portion of your auto insurance policy will cover the damages you may do to a telephone pole in an accident.

It depends on the weight limit and length of the pole.

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To find out the cost from hitting a telephone pole, the city members would have to be contacted. It is also important that the person pay this bill, or they could get a warrant.

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Weigh it. If it just a close number you are needing then. Get on a scale see why your weight is then pick it up and get back on the scale. The difference is the weight of the pole.

The "stick" itself is just called a pole or a pole vaulting pole. The poles are named by their length and maximum weight it can hold. For instance, a pole that is 12 feet tall and can hold a pole vaulter with a maximum weight of 130 pounds is a 12 foot 130 pole.

I hit a telephone pole in late August of 2009. The bill just came in the mail today, Feb 22, 2010, for $9,000. I am insured, and I live in Northern New Jersey.

This will be covered under the collision portion of your Auto Insurance policy. You collided with a telephone pole. Hence, Collision coverage would invoke.

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