What is the average weight of a telephone pole?

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We were just told, by the City of Austin's utility pole contractor, that the weight of a utility pole (much like a telephone pole) is 700 pounds. Hope this information is of some help to the telephone weight query. - Austin, Texas USA
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If you hit a telephone pole and have full coverage how much do you have to pay?

Since most personal auto insurance policies (actually, this goes for most commercial auto policies, too) don't have a property damage deductible, the most you would have to pay is your own deductible for the repairs to your vehicle, plus any betterment your carrier applies to the damaged components ( Full Answer )

What is a weighted average?

A weighted average multiplies each data point by an arbitrary 'weight' and divides by the sum of the weights. Your everyday garden variety average, or arithmetic mean, is actually a special case of a weighted average, except all the weights are equal to 1. Selection of weights are largely arbitrar ( Full Answer )

How tall is the average wooden telephone pole?

Telephone Poles, at least the old wooden ones, come in three sizes... 30ft, 60ft, and 90ft. When one is installed, 1/3 of it is buried into the ground, so that means that the part above ground would be 20ft, 40ft, and 60ft high. (This is for the United States, only.) The newer Cement and/or ( Full Answer )

Does a telephone pole carry electricity to a Computer?

Yes and no. First, a history on poles. The reason we call them telephone poles is they were first used and paralleled train tracks and were called telegraph poles. This was pre 1900. Since then, electricity or power lines were strung up on these same poles and power poles, which are owned by the pow ( Full Answer )

What is the average height of a telephone pole?

Telephone Poles, at least the old wooden ones, come in three sizes... 30ft, 60ft, and 90ft. When one is installed, 1/3 of it is buried into the ground, so that means that the part above ground would be 20ft, 40ft, and 60ft high. (This is for the United States, only.) The newer Cement and/or ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to put flyers on telephone poles?

You should check with your city or township about the laws forhanging flyers and notices on telephone poles. Laws will varydepending on where you are living.

Why do you pay for the telephone pole to hookup to electric?

WHO pays for the installation of power and telephone lines to a property that is in a rural area (far from existing utility services) has long been an area of disputes and complaints. Most utility companies in the USA are regulated and the amounts they charge and the items they can charge for are li ( Full Answer )

What are the gas cylinders next to telephone poles used for?

They are used when repairs are being performed on a communications line. The lines are filled with nitrogen or dried air. Pressurizing the lines keeps moisture out of the lines preventing crosstalk between pairs in the line. The lines are normally pressurized at the central office but if a line need ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of a pole vault pole?

Generally between 6-10 pounds when it's upright. However, when lowering the pole it can pull on the body with more then 20 pounds of force.

Cost of Telephone pole replacement?

I hit a telephone pole in late August of 2009. The bill just came in the mail today, Feb 22, 2010, for $9,000. I am insured, and I live in Northern New Jersey.

Weight of a telephone book?

Depends on how big the phone book is....New York City would weigh considerably more than Benson, Arizona.

Where do wooden telephone poles come from?

Different length poles, up to 120 feet (36.6 m ) or more, are used to satisfy clearance requirements, but the standard utility pole in the US is about 40 feet (12.2 m) long and is buried about 6 feet (1.8 m) in the ground, for a height above ground of about 34 feet (10.4 m). [2] They are space ( Full Answer )

Who invented the telephone pole?

Samuel Morse invented the telephone pole after trying to put thewires underground, which did not work. The United States governmentgave him $30,000 to figure this idea out.

How high is a telephone pole?

Telephone Poles, at least the old wooden ones, come in three sizes... 30ft, 60ft, and 90ft. When one is installed, 1/3 of it is buried into the ground, so that means that the part above ground would be 20ft, 40ft, and 60ft high.

What is the average us weight in weight?

Depends on whether you're referring to male or female! See the related link for average weight information, and other average body statistics.

How do telephone poles work?

Telephone poles are just wood poles that hold the telephone cable,the telephone terminal and telephone drops, (wires going to individual houses) in the air and out of the way. Areas that have no poles usually are newer areas, they have the same type wires only they are buried in the ground.

How do you calculate the weight of metal pole?

Weigh it. If it just a close number you are needing then. Get on a scale see why your weight is then pick it up and get back on the scale. The difference is the weight of the pole.

Is hanging posters up on telephone poles legal?

Technically, no, it is not. The telephone and power poles are the private property of the utilities that own them. Some jurisdictions actually have ordnances against it, mainly due to the hazard created to linemen climbing the poles amidst a clutter of signs, staples, and old nails.

Does weight matter in pole vaulting?

YES. Depending on your weight you will need a certain type of pole. For example, if you weigh 180 lbs you cannot use a pole that is for people who weigh 120 lbs otherwise you would most likely break it. To discover the weight limitation on poles you can look at the top of the pole where there will m ( Full Answer )

What is the telephone area code for the South Pole?

Since the South Pole does not belong to any country, it does not have any telephone country code. The research bases in or near Antarctica either have telephone numbers within the numbering ranges of their host countries, or use global satellite telephones.

Why are telephone wires are hung loosely between the two poles?

because for expansion and contraction. A2 There is enough tension in the wire to keep the sag to a minimum. The sag is known as a 'catenary'. If they were tensioned enough to remove the catenary, the strain would be too much for the wire and the poles. The poles would bend and the wire would break. ( Full Answer )

What is a moon weight of a telephone book?

the moon weighs 1/6 the weight so you have to do the weigh of the telephone bk. divided by 6 then you'll get your answer data from amerisuccesscart

How many telephone poles in a mile?

This depends on the location; in more isolated areas there may be as few as one telephone pole in 5 miles, but in more populated areas there could be as many as 20 in a mile.

How much does a telephone weight?

How long is a piece of string? Telephones can vary from about 25 grams, to well over a kilogram. I'd say newer mobile phones would weigh between 75-400 grams, depending on the model, and year of make.

What will happen to the telephone lines if they are fitted tightly from pole to pole?

When a pole shifts with the earth it will pull the wires apart and cause a break somewhere in the line. The poles are meant to suspend the wires in air, not to stretch them... Accurate answer is the lines will break. While breaking is not normally due to poles shifting, that could happen. The ( Full Answer )

Who is liable if a telephone pole is misplaced by a power company?

Which is it, a power pole or a telephone pole? Contact the company that installed it and notify them that you believe that it is misplaced. Most utility company's lease their poles to the telephone companies so that two sets of poles don't have to be run parallel to each other. This being the c ( Full Answer )

What happens if i hit telephone pole with my car?

Depends on the speed you are traveling, what kind of car you are in, where on the car you hit, what the telephone pole is made out of and how well it was anchored. If you hit a wooden, leaning telephone pole in a large SUV head-on at 50mph, you will probably be okay (but with injuries, total your ca ( Full Answer )

How many telephone poles were used?

they are called utility poles and they are used A utility pole is a pole used to support overhead power lines and various other public utilities, such as cable , fibre optic cable , and related equipment such as transformers and street lights . It can be referred to as a telep ( Full Answer )

Why do wires between a telephone pole sag?

So that electricity can pass through the wires quickly to get to their destination. Gravity weighs down on the middle part of the wires more than on the sides because of the unsupported weight there.

Why are telephone poles round?

Because they are made from trees and that is the natural shape. Itmaintains the strength of the tree for its use as a pole.

What is the average width of a totem pole?

Totem poles come in many sized from 2 meters to those erected bythe Haida of Haida Gwaii and the Tsimshian which could be 30 metersall. The diameter is not consistent among these many sized and theindividual poles taper so the diameter changes with height as well.The large poles could be over a metr ( Full Answer )

What was the average price of a telephone in the 1960s?

There was no price for a telephone at any time in the 1960s, theywere all Bell System Property and illegal to sell. The phonecompany leased you the phone you used as part of your monthly phonebill. Even in 1980 when I got my first phone service in California, thephone was leased from the phone com ( Full Answer )