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What is the average weight of people?

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There is no average weight. It depends how big or small you are.

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How many people would be equal to 8000 pounds?

What's the average weight of a person? 8000/average weight= number of people

What is the method used to figure out the answer to this question Five people have an average weight of 67kg If a child of 25kg is added to the group what is the average weight?

(5x67) will be the total weight of the people, as the average is all the people added together / 5 then use the normal average method (5x67) + 25 / 6 will be the new average

Why do people have to put on weight?

because they are below the average weight for there height and its not healthy

What does Body mass index BMI mean?

it is a average of your weight either over or under the average weight of people your height .

What is normal weight for a seventeen year old girl?

It depends on your height but depending on an average height of around 5'3"-5'4" the average weight is 115-120. This is an average weight thou and most people are not average.

On weekly average how much weight can you lose using a hypothyroidism diet?

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition and not a diet. Hypothyroidism prevents people from losing weight. Therefore on average people do not lose weight if they have hypothyroidism.

What is the average weight loss on Weight Watchers?

All people are different - it depends on your personal habits.

How effective are weight loss drugs?

On average, people on prescription weight loss drugs lose about 5-10% of their original weight.

How much do cockatoo birds weigh when full grown?

Galah / Rose-breasted; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 345 grams (281-390 grams).Gang Gang; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 280 grams.Goffin's; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 221-386 grams and Average Chick Weight: 10.Greater Sulphur-crested; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 880 grams.Lesser Sulphur-crested; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 350 grams.Moluccan; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 640-1025 grams (average 850) and Average Chick Weight: 20Palm; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 900 grams (Adults range from 600-1000) and Average Chick Weight: 18Umbrella; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 458-750 grams (average 600 to 700 g) and Average Chick Weight: 18

What is the average weight range in lbs for a 16-year-old girl?

Average weight for a 16 year old girl? Average weight is pretty accurate for BMI, but it wouldn't go by age, average weight is usually by height- people come in all different heights at different ages.

What is the average weight for a 13 year old who is 510?

I need to no because I weight 120 and people call me skinny

What weight and height were the people in the fifteen hundreds?

There weight was on average for adults who were healty was{MEN}180/{WOMEN}150

What is a average pandas weight?

What is an average pandas weight

What is the average weight for men?

The average weight for a man is 195 pounds. The average weight for a woman is 166 pounds. Average weight can vary according to height.

Do average weight gay guys like heavy weight guys?

All people are different, so there are skinny, average, and overweight men who find overweight men attractive, but most are attracted to people who are fit.

What is the average a 12 year old can bench press?

the average weight to bench press is your own weight. all these people that say around here around there, they are wrong.

What is the average reach in boxing?

It depends on the weight class, different weight classes have different size people so the reaches vary from weight class to weight class.

Average weight of a newborn porcupine fish?

the average weight is 500 pounds the average weight is 500 pounds

What is the average weight of a human?

The average weight for a male is 190.9 lb. The average weight for a female is 164.0 lb.

How do you calculate the average height and weight of 3 different people?

average height = (h1+h2+h3)/3 average weight = (w1+w2+w3)/3 hope that's what you're looking for

Is there a such thing as average weight?

Yes, there is a such thing as average weight. Average weight is the weight of a person (boy or girl) that eats healthily, regularly, and exercises regularly. After many people eat healthily, regularly, and exercise regularly, those people of the same gender weigh around the same, plus or minus a few pounds and other conditions. This is the average weight, where exercise and eating are in moderation.Also, genetics takes a play in your weight. If you some from a heavier/skinnier family, you will naturally be heavier/skinnier.

What weight are 11 year olds supposed to be?

50lbs for smaller people and about 80-70lbs for average people

What is the average weight of 5.5?

the average weight for 5.5 is 134

What is the Average weight for people in US?

atleast 200+... these days.. over 50 percent of ppl in the U.S are over weight.

What is the average size and weight?

If you measured the size (eg height) of ten thousand people and then added all their heights together and divided this the sum by ten thousand, the answer would be the average height of that population of ten thousand people. If you did the same thing for their weights the result would be the average weight of those people.

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