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Q: What is the avg lsat score for Nyu law school admissions?
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Related questions

What lsat score for nyu law school?

To be concidered for admission into the top 70 percentile of NYU Law, you must have a score of 164 or higher (according to 2010 statistics)

What are the ACT scores needed to get into NYU?

There is not an ACT minimum for NYU admissions but the average score (as of 2006-2007) was 28-31.

How do you get into NYU law school?

3.75 GPA, 171 LSAT, great personal statement, solid recommendations will just about do it

Is NYU Stern an accredited school?

NYU Stern is a business branch at the university. NYU stern is an accredited school. NYU stern is one of the more popular and well known business school on the east coast.

Is a 326 undergraduate GPA good to get into NYU?

The average high school GPA for the entering (2011) undergraduate class at New York University was 3.63. Many other factors are also considered in the application process. For more information you can visit NYU's admissions webpage at:

What sat score can help you gain scholarship into NYU?

over 9000!

Where did Angelina go to school?

NYU Film School

What GPA would put you in good standing to transfer to NYU as an undergrad?

NYU is a highly selective institution with a rigorous admissions process Successful transfer applicants to New York University have a GPA of 3.0 or higher at a previous university.

Does NYU have a medical school?

Yes, NYU does have a School of Medicine. Here is their link:

How do you apply to New York university?

For more information you can visit NYU's admissions website at or just click the link below.

Do you have a chance for NYU?

In order to have a chance to get into NYU, you will need to be a High School graduate with good grades. You would also have applied to NYU. You would need to have letter of recommendations from your professors.

What city is a school in in New York?


What school did Matthew Stanley go to?


Is NYU a state school or private?


What are the school colors of NYU?

White and Violet

Does NYU offer a reputable acting school program?

NYU offers a very reputable acting program. The Tisch School of the Arts at NYU offers several different programs for a vast range of acting studies and has been a program for over 40 years.

Can you get into nyu with a 3.5 GPA?

I had a 3.4 GPA. I'm at NYU now (CAS) and majoring in Physics. My SAT score was 2160 (680 reading, 710 writing, 770 math). It's totally possible.

Is 2020 on the SAT good enough for NYU?

I got accepted into the studio art program at NYU with a 2080 so yes I would agree that that score is good enough, however, there are many many other factors that are considered. I have friends with lower SAT scores that have been admitted without declaring a major and so depending on your GPA and which college you apply to at NYU, I would say that score is pretty good.

Was the NYU Stern Business School destroyed in 911?


Minimum GPA to get into nyu?

Most students that get accepted into NYU have a GPA of at least 3.4. A GPA of 3.6 gives students a higher chance of getting into this university. The average SAT score for these students was about 1700.

What school did Adam sandler?

Adam Sandler attended NYU

What school did Ross teach at?

NYU New York University

What school did Judy Blume go to?

she went to battin high school and Boston university, and NYU.

What school did Jonas Salk go to?

Dr. Salk obtained his MD from the NYU School of Medicine.

Is NYU a private or public school?

NYU is one of the largest private universities in the United States. The name of the school doesn't always indicate whether it is private or public - unless "state college" is part of the name.