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The average percent of body fat on women is between 10 and 13 percent.

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Q: What is the avg persent body fat for women?
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Do women have an extra layer of fat to men?

Women have a higher amount of body fat, but it is not a distinctly separate layer.

Where is body fat stored in a women?

Buttocks and thighs.

What is the normal percent storage of body fat in women?


What percent of body fat is healthy?

The amount of essential body fat for men is 2-5, while women is 10-13 The amount of recommended fat is 8-19 for men and 21-33 for women

What are the areas of the body in which male and female store body fat?

Most fat in males is in the thighs, buttocks, and stomach, and women have fat in those regions and their breasts.

What is the average percentage of body fat?

The average percentage of body fat for women is 21 to 31 percent. The average for men is 18 to 24 percent. The body fat can change depending on if you are athletic or not.

What is considered a healthy zone of body fat for males and females?

The American Dietetic Association recommends says: 15-18% body fat for men and for women they say 20-25% body fat

What percent of body fat for women is when abs show up?


What is the range of body fat content for normal-weight women?


What is the range of body fat content for normal weight women?


Why do women need more body fat than men?

Body fat is our bodies' energy reserve, in case food would get scarce. Women have adapted to carry more body fat so they have more spares in case they should become pregnant when food is scarce. The fat would then be turned into nutrition for them and the baby. Women with very little body fat may stop menstruating, nature's way of preventing them from having babies when there's not enough food around.

When are womenm considered to be obese?

Women whose body fat exceeds 30% and men whose body fat exceeds 25% are generally considered obese.

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What is the normal percent storage of body fat in women?

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