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What is the background of Juan Griss painting the Stable Lad?

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Juan Gris started painting in 1906

"Le Journal" by Juan Gris is an oil on wood painting.

Because Juan Luna is one of our national treasures ;))

Spoliarium is an 1884 painting by the Filipino artist Juan Luna.

Juan Gris' included a book, Guiatar, Pear, table, window shutter, and a mountain top in his painting of Le Canigou.

It's a painting by Juan Luna. You will see the Spolarium in Pambansang Museo ng Pilipinas

the Parisian life it was painted in a certain Paris cafe

Because his general interest was painting abstract art.

his painting sucked and dont even know who he is but go on and join it

Spolarium or the Spoliarium is a painting painted by Juan Luna to compare the inhumane treatment of Spaniards to Filipino people during the Spanish colonization.

Why search for a meaning. Just enjoy art!

The Filipino painter Juan Luna (1857-1899) is best known for his painting "Spoliarium." Neither a biography nor an autobiography have been written.

1919* was when he created this painting, in oil on canvas.

His most famous work is (The Sunblind). I can't find his second most famous.

Juan Miguel Larios Larios has written: 'El claustro del Hospital de San Juan de Dios en Granada' -- subject(s): Granada Hospital de San Juan de Dios, Hospital de San Juan de Dios, Granada. Claustro, Portraits, Spanish Mural painting and decoration

Don Juan was the first film with sound, but it wasn't with dialogue. Don Juan had music playing in the background, but no one talked; it was shot as a silent film. The Jazz Singer was the first movie with dialogue in sound.

He had children and married a woman named Leonor Ponce de Leon

It is a cubist painting by Juan Gris, 1919. Oil on canvas 92 x 65 cm.

Gorordo Avenue was named after the first Filipino bishop of Cebu, Juan Gorordo.

He did not get any education but a year in a spanish school when he was young. i dont know the name sorry.

Juan Luna is a well-known Filipino artist. In case you don't know, he painted the Spoliarium. It is a painting in the grounds of the Colosseum in Italy and showed the Spaniards and the Romans. However, he explained it that the guys who are punished are the Filipinos and the ones who are punishing are the Spaniards.

If I did, not everybody does, it would be because Picasso went on after Cubism to develop other styles of painting.

Juan De Pareja who became a well known painter in the 17th century. He was a slave, and as such was prohibited by law to paint. He felt guilty for painting because he wasn't supposed to be doing so, and also out of loyalty toward his master who was artist Diego Velazquez.

Juan Huarte de San Juan died in 1592.

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