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There was no background. Adolf Hitler Was determined to take over the country, eliminate all of the Polish people that were not to be used as slave laborers, and settle Germans on the land. When he felt strong enough to do it, he attacked. He faked a Polish attack on a German border crossing as a pretext and then invaded with all of Germay's strength. Michael Montagne

Background to the German invasion of Poland: Hitlers main ambition was to unite all of the old Germany and create another German empire stronger than the one before, in order to do that Hitler needed the support of Germans living in pre-WWI German states eg. Czechoslavakia, Poland. These states had been given independence by the allies after WWI. In Hitlers mind all he was doing was taking back what was rightfully German land. To avoid a sneak attack from Stalin and the Soviet Union while his troops were occupying Poland, Hitler cut a deal with the communists and they agreed to half Poland between each other. Poland did not stand a chance, the German "Blitzkrieg" or "Lightning War" proved very effective and Poland was lost within weeks of the invasion. $iL3NT HuNtA

AnswerA part of Germany was transferred to Poland after WW1 and the Germans living there were then treated badly by the Polish government. Conditions were so bad that many Germans in these areas moved to Germany. This transfer of territory also cut off East Prussia from the rest of Germany. There had been ethnic tension and strife, but most of this dated from the 1920s. However, from 1934 till early in 1939 relations between Germany and Poland was quite good.
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Q: What is the background of the German invasion of Poland?
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